So get your kid ready for ovira

So get your kid ready for ovira

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Many parents are asked if their child is mature and knows everything that may be necessary for their life in kindergarten. How can we help her prepare for high school?

So get your kid ready for the ovaryHow to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten Life, and what are some of the skills you have before you enter the kindergarten walls? To answer this question, I contacted Emese, who has been working for uvunchen for years, and who does not need to be anxiously prepared for the start of September. Let's take a quick look at what the specialist thinks is good for your child before they become ovis! 1. Getting Started
What matters most is fitness, because there is no way for a kindergarten teacher to come and feed a baby. It is important to ensure that small children who come to the ovi are able to use flush trays and can drink glassware. 2. Shuffling
It is definitely worth starting the ovi so that the child can move alone. That is, you can get into your pants, wear a hoodie, sweatshirt or jacket. When selecting shoes, lightweight and removable pieces (such as padded boots) are preferred. Naturally, when you need it, kindergarten teachers will always help you. Yeah, if a child gets to know his clothes, but if he can't pay attention, drawing a sign can help the little ones, the nanny. 3. Clean toilet use, room cleanliness
An important criterion in preschool education is to keep the child clean during the daytime, as in nurseries there is no personal or material condition for diapering. In addition to room cleanliness, it is important that your child is able to use the toilet or indicate if they need to go to the toilet. In this age, of course, accidental accidents can occur (for example, the child is very forgotten about the toys or does not show up on the toilet in time), so there is no problem, and the overwhelming majority of the school is tolerant about it.

Not going yet? Do not worry!

According to Emese, there can be great differences between children in terms of individuality, which may be due to the fact that some parents often love, fear, and serve children. The question of independence also weighs a great deal on the time when the child attained the third year of life, as during this period few weeks were counted. It doesn't matter if you are already in the chick or have bigger siblings - they all influence how much you will be in the institution. You can definitely help your child integrate if they have been to the community several times and socializing with them emphasizes the baby. The parent does not need to be too frustrated if the child does not do certain things at home, because the child will be able to do it in the ovary, Emese emphasizes. Basically, I think that an educator does not need to have special knowledge because the children in the school are very adaptable and to fall away from the co the necessary things to do, but they will also be of great help to the ounces, the nanny. There are obvious differences, but kids in school can be much more accomplished if they don't have a parent who does the tasks instead. Since they see others as well, this is the natural way for them to be educated by an educator.

More important is mental tuning!

Emese believes that it is more important to deal with the psychic-emotional problems that come with the onset of ovulation, and with the psychic side of the onset of ovulation, in which the parent has a big role to play. The child has to be prepared first and foremost and not to worry if something goes wrong for him or her, as it will turn out well if his or her nervous system is ready to reassure every pregnant mother. How to Prepare for Spiritual Spirituality? It is important how the parent communicates, and most importantly how how you relate spiritually to starting school. The child will notice if his or her parents let them know that they are safe, or if they are uncertain. The ovira has a lot of conversations, tales and stuff positive ovis about your thoughts (as it was when mom-dad was ovis) can tune in - suggests the expert. Don't forget! If the child has not yet left the chick, it will be the first exit from the family, and it will also be the first longer absence from the mother, which will have a profound effect on her soul. It's important to have a safe, loving, supportive background for your parents. Help us integrate, accept the kindergarten environment, and do your best to always share with us what has happened in kindergarten. A sleeping companion (such as your favorite sleeping beast) and a baby's dummy can help with integration. It's a good idea to start with the routine so that if possible, the child is just picked up, then gradually advised by a specialist.
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