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Get Rid Of Cumiroul - 8 Tips

Get Rid Of Cumiroul - 8 Tips

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Many parents consider the pacifier a real choice, as the baby cries less. However, two or three years later the time to quit is slow due to the continued drooling and the possible onset of tooth problems. See what methods can help!

For a child aged 2-3, there are several tricks you can do

First of all, it is important to note that professionals do not fundamentally recommend pacifiers because they have a negative effect on breastfeeding ability. In addition, it increases the risk of developing otitis media. And if the child is cumming too much, it has a bad effect on the growth and condition of the teeth. Cumming is one of the things that seem to be much simpler in practice than in practice. But it is not impossible at all, we just have to find the ideal solution for our child. It makes it easier for you to quit, if you start telling your baby a few weeks before the planned cum laziness, that you have to buy cum.

1. Slowly but surely

Just as with any addiction (whether physical or psychological), it is possible to conceive of safety-giving cumity, so that it is easier to get rid of it by following the principle of graduality. Try to take it away for a while, and then give it another day every day without the pacifier. This way you get to the point where you just need to sleep (or get sick). To make it small, it's a harder step. We may try to dare you more by getting a new sleep plush animal or some other game you are thinking about.

2. "You are a big boy"

For ages three and up, the method may simply be to tell the child that some big boys and only little babies need soothers. Maybe we could take the pacifier to a baby's family member or acquaintance, where she can give it to the baby.

3. Cumitündér

Let's talk to the little one ahead of time that the Cummer will come at night, who will take the soother to a baby who really needs it, but will leave him with some gifts instead. You can also write a letter to the Cumitant about what kind of gift you would like, then put the soother and the letter in the window, which we will put on the next day and put the game we have in place. For many children, this method works very well.

4. Cumifa

There are so many dolls in the country (like the Nyirregyhaz Animal Park) where children can hang their pacifiers ritually. But you don't have to buy official dolls for this, you can just hang on to a tree in the park or in the garden. Let's just say that muskies and birds have a greater need for dummy, so they'll probably buy it more. (More info on official cumifs in Hungary:

5. Mikulab, Jesus, Bunny

You can also drive quit for a bigger holiday. Ritually, the child can give his / her pacifier to Santa Claus (who can be asked to do so even at an event), or at Christmas or Easter, say "Jesus / Bunny and take the baby,"

What not to do

Do not take the pacifier from one moment to the other, without any registration. Let's think about how sensitive it can be to get rid of something very important to us in this way. Probably we aren't letting him. Not to mention the fact that we really got used to it. So it's really good to prepare a little bit in advance, talk about it, tell her, and it will be so much easier to quit. soaking up the pacifier with nasty things (red pepper, anti-rickets, etc.) and we don't recommend cut off the pacifier tip every day a little. This can also be dangerous, as small pieces of the pacifier can be detached, which can be distracted by the child.Related articles in Cumming:
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