Can a probiotic be taken during breastfeeding?

Can a probiotic be taken during breastfeeding?

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Many nursing mothers may be wondering: Does your baby not be healthy if he or she has a probiotic to help his or her bowel regeneration? The research has yielded reassuring results.

Today, barely anyone is wondering if breast milk is the best diet for newborns and infants. Newborn mothers usually do everything in their power to breastfeed their babies.It is also typical that pregnant women act with great care and try to avoid medication during the months of pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, there may be situations where you need different kinds of rewards. Fortunately, breastfeeding products are now available, so you can prescribe the right antibiotic to your mother if she needs it. (Of course, antibiotics should only be taken under medical supervision, in very justified cases.)

Useful bacteria

In addition to antibiotics, probiotics are usually also offered Doctors, because medicine is not the answer, and not just the pathogenic bacteria, but the beneficial bacteria are sacrificed. The antibiotic compromises the microbiological balance of the intestines, lining of the mouth and vagina, increasing the likelihood of side effects. The longer it takes, the more valid it is. Therefore, it is worth taking a probiotic along with antibiotics that help to restore the microflora of the intestinal tract, delivering useful probiotic bacteria to the body. A probiotic can do a good service diarrhea or even a vaginal infection also, regenerating the broken microfluor. However, the question may arise in pregnant women: did the baby breast-feed a probiotic?

Safe, even beneficial

A few years ago, the Canadian Family Physicians Journal reported the results of a comprehensive examination of this subject. The idea was added to this work by the fact that many expectant mothers inquired about the effects of probiotics in their home physicians. affecting the health of breastfed babies. That's it Mothers can take a probiotic with a calm heart. Contraindications during pregnancy and lactation are very rare; in patients with critical illness or immunosuppressed patients, or in patients with complete parenteral nutrition when they are intestinal patients, a careful medical evaluation may be necessary. taking it is completely safe and even beneficial for both moms and their children.Also read the following articles in our series:
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