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I'm just staying with him for the kid. When the relationship comes to a standstill

I'm just staying with him for the kid. When the relationship comes to a standstill

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It takes a lot of work to make a relationship work well, but there may be a point where it is very unhappy, and it is worth considering whether to stay together.

The point may come when the thought of divorce arises

Whether we pronounce the happy yes or just live together, it doesn't matter. When a common child is born, the relationship comes to life by March. It takes a lot of work to make the relationship work well mom and dad, but there may come a moment when we consider whether it is worthwhile to continue together.

Marcsi's story

- The housework, the cook, the kid are all my resorts, my spouse never takes a part. My mom is just criticizing instead of helping us live under one roof - she says Bonnie, the mother of a two-year-old boy. - We have very specific ideas about how a woman should live and what her responsibilities are. Of course you have rights, they don't. If I did something that they didn't like, even with the kid that my mom didn't do it, she did it wrong. I don't want my son the same become a tyrantand grow up with the belief that what you saw at home is a happy family life. Always being raised so that the family is sacred and belefeszьltemto be ours, but I can't lie to myself anymore, ”he says. - I have no example before, even in the circle of friends where they were. My brother didn't even understand what was wrong with me, because he didn't beat, cheat, or change anything. It was only me who took the number after I fell down completely vainly about what I would like to be once a woman, and it is normal for a woman to have no needs.I really love my son. If they weren't, I'd have left the tap-priest here. But there is, and I was afraid, this medium is poisonous. I'll pack it up once and go with it! I can't even imagine what kind of reactions I can count on. I am afraid of being lost from me, and I believe that all tension will fall on me. Obviously I can't forbid it, but I'm afraid he's going to be the tool to get revenge. I don't know what I need to be prepared for when it comes to fighting for it, and open-minded filthy things. But it makes me want to decide what I will do.

Even alone

Many people turn to psychologists, and they survive on parapherapy when their relationship reaches a dead end. However, it is not possible to estimate the number of cases in which only one of the parties is failing every day, not to mention a few, but they do not go to a specialist. Dr. Baktay Zelka йs dr. Baktay Michael a relationship counselor and a professional psychologist, and they think there is a great deal of right to therapy, both alone and in conversation. I wake up at once and the other one stops. Х at least he stops the sentence and is surprised. The same thing happens when one party suddenly acts in a familiar relationship: the other responds as needed, stops, the whole situation changes. You may not even notice the problem, which your couple does, but at least understand that the old scrapbook won't work anymore - explains Zelka. - I wouldn't suggest that all relationships are worth saving. But yeah, if we ask ourselves, do we want our child to have a relationship like ours. Because he takes for granted the model he saw from his parents. If you have any problems growing up in life - like your partner - you can treat them the same as we do. Therefore, it is important that we shape our marriage into a relationshipwhere we feel good about ourselves, and from where we also bring with us what we like to give him or her in a nutshell: a healthy attitude to each other, situations, conflicts.If you can leave traces like a choice. Don't stay alone on the basis of "I give up on happiness, only the child should be good". Anyone who grew up with such a parent will want to stay as a child, because the pattern he or she has received will have to be sacrificed as soon as he or she commits himself or herself and builds a family. Rather, it must be shown that they are married, superior and parents good to be.

Where were you last night?

Бgi your story is not unique either. There are two little girls, one barely two, the other started school last year. One day, their father confessed: He has someone.- His biggest problem is that can not choose. And I wonder if I have a choice at all. I am in ruins and I do not have the strength to be a specialist or a child placement lawsuit. We've never married, but daddy has the same parole rights as me. If I win, where do I go, what do I do with a little alone? My children adore their father and we both need them. But I can't live in an open relationship and I don't want to teach them that this is normal. They also grow up once and have a clear image of what is faith, trust, and family. If my couple were able to decide for themselves, I'd go with him for family therapy, but he wouldn't decide. I don't see any meaning. But I worry about the girl. I've seen a lot of people turn away from themselves in the big litigation. I didn't want to expose them to this. I didn't want them to have to share or feel them, something was going wrong with them. My hope has always been the truncated family, and I look forward to leaving real life traces when we come.

What is the solution?

Finally, Marcsi made an arrangement with the little boy. It was then clear to her husband that something was wrong with their relationship. At every possible stage, he went from being threatened to being in desperate need, and he managed to get them to move back. They didn't get to the psychologist, but at least they started talking about the problem. He took out a loan on the house and lives with the two little ones. He waited, waited for a while, trying to persuade the life partner to decide. Then he packed up, grabbed the little ones, and moved. The children seem to be reassured that their father is coming along a lot and is in peace. There is no loud voice, you just fall for them. Looks slow they can agree on everythingHowever, the question is tense: how did the children survive this situation? How much are they crippled in a lot of quarrels? csalбdterбpia children can also be of help - says Polish Valeria child psychologist, who is most often approached in similar shoes when it seems to the child that there is a problem with the family.- talk to the kids about it! It would be easier to accept the change if you found that both parents were committed to this solution. They sense what is going on in us, therefore, not primarily the number we place on our face with superhuman domination, but what we really do. For them, stability and a kiszбmнthatуsбg most importantly, confirming that we continue to love them without fail and that we can stay ahead. At their level, their language, let's tell them what's going on and what's going to happen to them, and so on.With a choice, only the marital relationship ends. Parents need to work together on a life-to-life basis, and this can only come about if parents can talk, share experiences, experiences, and hardships with children. However, a family emergency, the communication always plays a key role. Much of this is based on how children survive, how we can process their stories, and the insignificant question here is what they learn.Related articles:
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