Extreme eating habits can also indicate autism

Extreme eating habits can also indicate autism

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There are many small children, which is not a problem on its own - but extreme eating habits, according to researchers, may also indicate autism.

Extreme dietary habits may also indicate autism According to the latest study in this topic, atypical dietary habits such as the tolerance for different food textures, or the fact that food is not swallowed, just kept in their mouths, is observed in 70% of children with autism. These extreme eating habits can occur as early as the age of one, so parents and professionals alike can call attention to possible autism, according to Susan Mayes, a professor of psychiatry at the Penn State University Medical School. then it is worth suggesting further examinations, as the autism spectrum disorder may persist, the expert said. The study examined the eating habits of more than 2,000 children in two studies: one with typical eating habits, and one with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity, and other developmental disorders. Apart from the aforementioned, atypical eating habits of young children include the consumption of extremely few types of food, and hypersensitivity to food intake.According to research, atopic eating behavior is seven times more common in children with autism than in other developmental disorders. Autistic children have two or more, even quarters of three or more atypical eating habits could be observed. Children with other developmental disabilities have never had three or more extreme eating habits. Keith Williams, head of the Penn State Children's Hospital we can differentiate autism from other developmental disorders in the past.(VIA)Related links: 


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