Birth deficiency in childbirth: what can cause it?

Birth deficiency in childbirth: what can cause it?

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Many recent moms in the hospital's final report find the expression "bovine weakness" as an explanation for certain interventions and possibly a cesarean section. What exactly is anemia and what causes it?

Birth deficiency in childbirth: what can cause it?

Typing of headaches

We distinguish between primary and secondary malnutrition on the basis of when you are born. Fatigue is considered a priority when it comes to the timely choice of birth does not begin to generate satisfying ways a mother in law. That is, when the 42nd gestational week is over, the mother and no sign of the onset of childbirth, or when the fetal water is flowing, is in the midst of a safe period of childbirth - that is, in Hungary. when we speak, when birth starts spontaneously, the congestion progresses well, the milk becomes stronger and the egg begins to disappear slightly - and then suddenly this whole process stops. Momentum subsides, cappuccinos shorten, weaken "- Explains dr. Benkovics Jъlia a specialist in obstetrics.

What Causes Anemia?

"Everything else is different," Doctor Benkovich begins to explain the possible causes. "Some mothers don't have enough oxytocin receptors in their mothers to trigger concussions - it's a serious factor that can't be eliminated. feverishness "- list the examples by dr. Benkovich.When stopping a baby because of bovine weakness, the causes must always look for a change in conditions. Medically, here are the simplest physiological changes: pregnant mothers, thirsty and tired during long periods of tiredness. "But you can be very excited - for whatever reason - the pregnant woman, and the adrenaline released at this time, works against oxytocin, thus weakening the cobwebs," says the doctor. trust, security as the essential psychic factors for a successful birth are encountered on most births. Physically, physiologically, everything can be right for a successful natural childbirth, but if the mothers cannot be fully confident in the mother - for example, a new face may appear, and then a new face may be lost.

What to do?

If binge weakness is caused by maternal exhaustion - because it is tired or hungry / thirsty - then regeneration is the goal. "We can give a sugar infusion, let the fatigue rest, sleep, take a soothing bath so that you can continue to give birth with fresh (this) power. to induce concussions on the biochemical path "- lists the possible steps in the birth promotion of Doctor Benkovich. instead of the idea of ​​the body functioning perfectly, it has a real, realistic purpose, and believe in itself that it will be able to accomplish that task. "
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