What will happen to us, son?

What will happen to us, son?

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Many healthy babies and toddlers may have grown up attending school and studying and having adulthood with dyslexic, even deviant, and even antisocial behavior. Traditionally, these children are not disabled.

"Initially, there was nothing wrong with him. At least we weren't getting in. He was in high school, but he wasn't a friend. , the neighbor's kid was reading long ago, when he lost the letters again. who have different reasons they were incapable of being fulfilled school and social requirements for all. Because the fate of many of his fellow children is that the adults did not get up in time: and learning disability. We do not say again that the earlier the cognition, the more effective the treatment can be. which sets rules for behavior. This is when the word needs to be broken: there is something wrong with the child. No consolation, but it is a fact: Hungarian children are affected by such disorders 15-20 percent This means that there are at least three of each kind of school and school in Sopron up to Zachhony, a nebulus with the above mentioned problems, who has at least one specialty (severe).


Pedagogues indicate the number of such children Growing from year to year. Life is not easy in kindergarten, but when kindergarten is over, children start school to fulfill their school responsibilities. There we find ourselves outnumbered by situations that are too powerful. Normally, these loops cannot find their place, unable to live up to their expectations or their own internal capabilities. Attention deficit disorders are often accompanied by problems with reading and reading, and hyperactivity, which is still more of a problem. All this stamps on it, and with it stigmбval They are difficult to live in school. Although there are therapies for reducing or coping with the problem, they often fail because either the methods are inappropriate for the child or the teacher is unable to apply them effectively. There is no single welcoming treatment talent, so it is the responsibility of both parents and development professionals to find just the right method to improve their child's condition. When grown up, he can flee into devious and even anti-social behavior. The problem of the child can also have a serious effect on the family: the community may fall apart and the parents may feel that all their struggle, their whole life, has been extraordinary.

He is very disabled

In Hungary, the pediatric treatment and early development of traditionally morbidly disabled children (persons with special needs, physically handicapped, hearing impaired, etc.) has developed urea in recent years. However, it is equally important to take care of minor differences in statistical "normality". Although the 1993 Education Law created a well-developed framework for the rehabilitation profession, right now, the law is still in the making. Many children come to the world wholeheartedly, but under certain circumstances, such as malnutrition, over time they fall behind their peers. It is not just the muscles, the condition of the Fall, that suffers when there is nothing to eat; the brain must also receive its own nutrients. In fact, childbirth today knows a great deal about fetal life, for example, when it comes to learning in the mother's belly. With attentive pregnancy care, lifestyle counseling, and proper birth control, neonatology is just about eliminating all the maladies that can cause a small brain to pass or fail. It is not uncommon today to see babies who are pregnant by the 25th week of pregnancy. However, it is undeniable that very low weight babies going to school will have "good chances" of learning difficulties.

When it's very early ...

Special learning disabilities are risky some are very complex. A mother who does not smoke, does drugs or does not consume alcohol during pregnancy, does a lot to the health of the child. It is up to the physicians to consider the risk of well-known fetal overload and medication during pregnancy. It is also risky if the baby gets stuck in the birth canal, or if the baby's cord is too short or too long. In the case of twins and dentures, minor disturbances should also be taken into account. If your doctor knows that the baby has had problems breathing during childbirth, he or she can start the therapy right away. However, in some cases, cerebral functions may be impaired. It is incredibly important to have differentiated currying and getting the right therapy, because it is often the case that therapy is started very early.

If you don't

The rest of us, talking and moving, learns if the little one is okay. As the world goes on, moms start communicating with their baby in a so-called nurse language. Mom brings a special kind of voice into her speech, which is primarily used to convey feelings. The little one who responds well to the tongue feels safe and secure. Between the ages of three and six, fine-resolution elements develop, and the dominant role of the mother tongue is established. The basics of the speech develop until the age of three. The development of language functions among others is impaired if there is an inadequate level of connectivity between the two brains or if one side does not work well. an advanced child is ghghic, the other-year-old girl speaks words, and the two-year-old speaks a little (the boys produce them a little shorter). If the child's speech is only for family members, there may be a speech problem in the back.

Behavioral, learning and integration disorders often go hand in hand

Go or not go?

The attitude towards integration and behavioral disorders also divides the recruitment of professionals. One part believes that the child should have spontaneous resuscitation. Other people say we can't put our heads in the sand when we know about the trouble. Of course, the child has no idea of ​​a professional dispute; he just feels like there are battles over his head when he starts school, his lot. Undoubtedly, entering the first grade is a very critical period. Many parents also have the obvious idea: spend a year in a large kindergarten. But the child does not have the benefit of knowing that his or her classmates could start the life they were expecting, and he stayed in the door. Professionals are therefore urging children with disabilities to spend a so-called special year in an educational institution where they can complete their transition according to a transient curriculum. warning signs, based on which the mother may suspect that the child is not developing properly, she should be referred to a specialist.
6 hrsdoes not rotate
13 hrsno stop
20 hrsnot go
2 yearsthey do not flutter
3 yearshe does not ride a bicycle
4 yearsdoes not drive the swing
4 hrsnot paying attention to the subject
8 hrsno grip, no grip
11amwill not let go of the object
12 hrsnot twisted with two fingers
15 hrsit won't take 3 objects at a time
21 hrscan't make a cube
3 yearsdoes not draw, does not play
If these phenomena are also addressed by the omission of a speech, the possibility of intellectual disability cannot be ruled out.