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Tabutima: IntimplasticitySpecific?

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Shaped lips, tight vagina, vein sewing, G-spot filling. Intimplantation is becoming more and more popular, but before we lie dormant, we can seek help from a psychologist to clarify our goals and mental locomotion.

- My teenager has been perplexed that my little lips are longer than my eyelids. He was uncomfortable with the sport, especially cycling, that my panties were worn, but I was constantly "catching on", says Ildikou (37). - After the birth of my two little sons, my little lips opened up even better, and I only called them lettuce leaves. When he was making love, he happened to be stuck in the vaginal inlet, which was very painful.
I thought a lot about it. I looked at pictures of women's genitals on the net and blogged about sexually explicit blogs. Almost two years passed before I decided. My boyfriend encouraged me, but he constantly confirmed that I was desperate for him in this state as well. The most I feared was that after the intervention, the intimate area would become insensitive and I would not enjoy sexual intercourse. But it was the other way around. I became liberated and more confident because I know how "nice" I am down there.

Consistent inside and out?

- Small lip correction is the most common intimplastic procedure, which involves the correction of enlarged, bulky, asymmetrical small lip and the immediate inlet area of ​​the vagina. It can be linked to the correction of the hood, ie the skin around the clit, since not only the eyelids are enlarged "flush", but also the hood, says Dr. Sikos Giza plastic wound. - In case of significant weight loss, the soft lips of the big lips can also be corrected by the annular excision of the dorsal part, or they can be tightened by filling their own fat.Vйnuszdombplasztika
It is only the removal of the hair that draws attention to the fact that the eyes, like the rest of the body, are wrinkled with age or become severely depleted. With surgical intervention, you can shrink, enlarge, lift and tighten with the help of degreasing, trimming, or greasing. According to the experience of the specialist, there is no correlation between small and big lips and childbirth. It is rather a constitutional skill, as evidenced by the fact that such interventions are performed on sixteen-year-old girls. They can become more pronounced with their birth, but more with their body weight, but maybe just because we pay more attention to this area.
- After an ambulatory, local anesthetic, an operation that can be performed within the uranium, the patient can go home on his own, - continues dr. Sikos Giza. - The immediate primary healing time (intervention for wound healing, swelling) after the procedure takes two to three weeks, and after three months of regeneration, the intimate body gets its final shape. The intervention has no effect on subsequent pregnancies, and since the area remains normal in sensation, it has no negative effect on sexual life. The post-operative scar is virtually undetectable and not palpable.Hьvelyszыkнtйs
It is often necessary to narrow the post-natal vagina due to mild incontinence or to return to the earlier pleasures of sexual life. During surgery, the mucous membrane is removed from the vaginal wall and its back muscular part is narrowed with special sutures. In the meantime, it is possible to narrow the vaginal inlet and correct the poorly healed sectional scar. The practitioner aims to be blindly following trends in the design of the female intimate area. According to him, the little lip is like a fingerprint, each with a unique tissue, shape and size. No two faces are the same as two faces.
- We try to fulfill all our needs, but certain boundaries cannot be reached. For example, this is a request for the complete elimination of the small lips, which I encountered in my own practice. It is also difficult to accomplish when someone wants to correct their genitalia for a specific pattern. In all cases, we need to take into account the individual circumstances and get the best results from them.

Special surgery - intimate surgery

Let's talk deeply about ours

"Even though women used to have sex with each other during birth and healing, nowadays we can see in high resolution what was a taboo subject for our grandmothers," says Emke Futy. - Pornographic sites can be used to expose thousands or thousands of offended images, or blogs, of the ideal female genitalia. Trend trends, fashions (small lips, tight sleeves) have evolved, but these are generally not to be seen as examples to follow.G-Spot-uploads
The pepper-to-bean-sized, slightly pointed G-spot is located on the abdominal side of the vagina, about 2 to 5 inches from the vaginal inlet. During the seventy to thirty minute procedure, a hyaluronic acid gel is injected, causing it to protrude from the vaginal wall. Since the neural structure of the G-spot has not yet been verified, it is also disputed that the supercharging can yield a more intense pelvis. There are several reasons why someone turns to plastic wounds, says the specialist. - The most common motivation is excessive compliance and maximalism, which can be traced back to childhood ill-health, failure, and socialization problems. Negative self-image and a lack of self-confidence can lead to some previous trauma or loss of life. Another source of power may be the delicate hair of beauty, the extremes of power, which can often be associated with some form of body disorder.How much is it?
small lip sculpture from 100-150 000 HUF
big lip plastic from 320-350 000 Ft
venous dentures from 250 000 HUF
a whopping $ 250,000
Filling a G-Point from $ 50,000 At the same time, intervention can be a realistic and responsible decision. If a woman is uncomfortable with her genital organs, or has an unpleasant, painful, unattractive sex life, she may be retarded or even completely rejected, depriving her lover and her lover of intimacy. If life changing, intimate gymnastics, or psychotherapy do not bring about the positive changes you expect, then surgery can help increase your self-confidence and make your love life happy again.
Occasionally, the partner formulates fierce, overwhelming expectations for her lover, whom the woman does not dare say no to because she wants to meet her, to get her good. In this case, it is worth considering whether to really sacrifice our body in the "love" altar. Let's have a clear idea of ​​what we want to accomplish with the operation and what kind of deficiency we are trying to fill with it. All external aesthetic intervention will not solve the problem of our relationship.

The gateway to life - the miracle of the female body

- The message is constantly coming from the medium that something is wrong with our body, it is not good enough in its own right, says Bori Hoppab, a female body-conscious, birthwalker, Dla. - We tend to think that everyone is like in commercials, only our own is wrong. Without wasting time and money, we are crafted to be odorless, hairless, smokeless, and smarter. In order to feel good in our skin, we need to dispel some destructive beliefs. We can start by getting to know and accepting our own body. At home, we sit down in a quiet space in front of a mirror and look closely. Why don't we find her beautiful? Because when flesh-blood ticks exist, it doesn't even matter to us that it's cool, but it's beautiful. We are not conditioned to see our own "flower" as beautiful. On the contrary, the feeling of lust, concealment, and the denials hidden in words (think the word "malice" from the Neapolitanism) can make life more difficult.
Let's program our brains: we are the most wonderful in our own uniqueness. Let's also accept that the color, the scent and the shape of the different life stages change, as does the way it works. In many of us, the stereotype that only beautiful, pretty, unwanted women have the right to sexuality, because we see this "norm" in the law, is so ingrained. Every woman is beautiful and radiant when she is comfortable with her body. And for men, for the most part, it is this energy that is attracted, not "just" the outer body.
Let's spend more time on self-knowledge, questioning our sinful, self-defeating thoughts. The miraculous lectures of the female body, individual or group mindfulness therapies, help to strengthen our self-confidence and stay out of a medically-worn, worried, insecure wheel.


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