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"Smartbabun" Could Practice Parenting for Semmelweis University Students

"Smartbabun" Could Practice Parenting for Semmelweis University Students

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Cramped, postpartum haemorrhage, cerebral palsy - only a few among the parenting complications that can now be practiced in the theoretical part of the University of Semmelweis University.

"Okosbabun" for practicing birth control (photo: Attila Kovacs, Semmelweis University)

The lively, adventurous female is "smarter" more than one position can be adjusted, valуsбghы gives reactions, and you can choose in advance what type of childbirth you want to practice - you can try countless situations from normal to childbirth. All of this is not about choosing clinical practice, but rather about listening I can practice without it even more risky situations, he says Dr. Eszter Borjбn adjunktus.A szimulбtor the head йs farfekvйses szьlйs the mйhlepйny megszьlйse the vбllelakadбs, the baby nyakбra tekeredх kцldцkzsinуr bemutatбsбra egyarбnt suitable for tovбbbб ъjszьlцtt sнrбsa, бllapota and szьlйs utбni hьvelyi vйrzйs it is szemlйltethetх - Borjбn says Dr. Esther. The assistant professor emphasized that not only the birth, but also the model of your state before and after, is perfect for modeling a new device, which is located in a specially designed room for this purpose. The midwife added: One of the biggest advantages of the birth simulator is that it helps can be monitored maternal and fetal parameters, including your normal and abnormal condition.For bed, shoulders in the past they mostly met only in the textbook the listeners were part of the theoretical training, and so many could not imagine what it could be like in the real world. From now on, however, they can not only see, but in a safe environment, without risk, with the help of an educator, we can practice these situations - emphasizes Dr. Eszter Borjбn. In the training of midwives and poles, the third year includes simulation practice, which concludes with a practical test, where students can prove their knowledge in a real-world situation. Medical training is also included in this exercise. Of course, this is not intended to be a clinical practice choice - it emphasizes Dr. Rigou Jбnos. According to the head of the Department of Clinical Knowledge at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is much more necessary that you want to be theoretical with practical knowledge equip students to be prepared, as far as possible, for critical situations from within the university walls.
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