Lastly, we said: "We're going to have the baby."

Lastly, we said: "We're going to have the baby."

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In Scotland, there was a law banning the criminalization of children: the Parent who commits a child commits a crime on the basis of the new provision.

Scotland is thus the first in Britain to be punished by a slap in the face. Until the law comes to fruition, parents in Scotland are allowed to use "normal" physical force in the discipline of their children.Finally said: bыn to have the baby (photo: iStock) The New Account tцrvйnnyel egyrйszt biztosнtanak felnхttekkel egyenlх the rights of children against physical erхszak also mбsrйszt hozzбk цsszhangba the skуt szabбlyozбst fogadtбk out the New Account tцrvйnyt csьtцrtцkцn ellenйre to the UN ajбnlбsбval.A skуt tцrvйnyhozуk 84:29 arбnyban, according to a kormбnyzati kцzvйlemйny-kutatбs 5746 of the 1546 adults asked in the United Kingdom would have rejected it.John Finnie Greenland's spokesman, who presented the draft law, said: "The decision makes the message that there is no acceptable violence"There is no place for effective punishment in 21st Century Scotland. International evidence proves that it can have a serious impact on children and is not effective," Finnie said. kьzdelemben.
However, the law still has its opponents. Oliver Mundell a Scottish Conservative said he could not support it. As he said, he believes that violence against children is wrong, but this is not the request. He called attention to the fact that parents would not at all know what conditions they might face in the criminal justice system. The law came into force one year later.
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