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The winners of the "Country Jubilee 2016" awards have been announced

The winners of the "Country Jubilee 2016" awards have been announced

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The winners of the "Country Jubilee 2016" awards have been announced

For the fourth time this year, the "Country Game" competition has been completed, with the award ceremony held at the Gellér on November 18th to reveal which public votes and professional jury opinions are based on their merits.

The winners of the "Country Jubilee 2016" awards have been announced

New products with the highest score in the week category can now be labeled "Country Game 2016" in the Christmas game. The lives of the public and the experts were the same in all two categories. - Again this year, an inquiry in Iran asked for a vote, more than twice as many as last year, with votes increasing from 21,000 to almost 45,000 over the three-week period. The result is particularly welcome in light of the fact that the voting period last year was not so much but lasting for three weeks, increasing the duration of the competition with shorter and more intense communication. The vбsбrlуkцzцnsйg aktivitбsa йs professional zsыri bevonбsa megerхsнtett bennьnket that hнvtunk fьggetlen, nнvуs professional йs kцzцnsйgdнjat lйtre - meant be.Az "Orszбg Jбtйka competition" tбmogatta the alapнtу JбtйkNet the idйn you have already vйdnцkkйnt, also kнvбnja this role and the tovбbbiakban betцlteni.A dнjkiosztу ьnnepsйgen beszбmoltak arrуl is that pozitнvan zбrult based on szintйn kцzцnsйgszavazatokra jуtйkonysбgi cйlt szolgбlу akciу: the votes alapjбn hбrom уvoda also rйszesьlhet the idйn jelentхs йrtйkы, jбtйkokat tartalmazу ajбndйkban.A the competition could start up jбtйkgyбrtуk цt-цt termйkkel, the announced hйt kategуriбban A total of 55 players have been entered. The following categories of the competition were:
- Comrades
- Interactive games (typically electric / digital)
- Bibles
- Sphynx
- Crafting games
- Other boys
- Other Girl GamesIn each category, there are 1 to 1 winners based on straight points, based on community and jury votes. The public has been given the opportunity to cast their votes on The highest scoring players have won the category and professional awards. According to the rules of the competition, the jury evaluated the competing games with a predetermined and uniform professional score. Pierrot, a prominent member of the jury who not only loves to play but also is an official game developer and a daddy with young children. As he said, he was completely it was only new in appearance, but the execution reached the desired level in almost all games. Csordbs Бgnes - the president of the Hungarian Writers' Association - but the players have emphasized the skill of developing games, because weddings can recommend these types of games to the best of their abilities.Zita Görцgmodel, presenter and mom with two children also participated in the jury. He emphasized that for his fourth year, the "State of the Game" will ease the Christmas bid by helping him navigate the vast electorate. At reward, he rewarded the games with which he himself would like to play with his children. In your experience, many parents buy the most expensive, newest games, but they are not able to play with their children, even though he thinks that is the most important. - 146 players (available from Formatex); and other winners in the category of Lego Technic: Class Xerion 5000 Trac Vc. (Distributor: Lego) .The title "Country Play 2016" was awarded to the community and the jury on the basis of the following games: Professional awards:
Category --- Distributors / Manufacturers --- Players
Boats: Mattel Fisher-Price: Kudd-ogro caterpillars
Specimen Set: Formatex Geomag Mechanic - 146 Piece Set
Creator: CTW Science 4 you: The science of perfumery
Party Games: Gem Club Robot Turtles
Interactive player: Cobi Toys Text Robot Doggy - 5th Generation
Another girl in a Vega Loko baby pink dress
Other LEGO LEGO TECHNIC: Claas 5000 Trac VC:
Category --- Distributors / Manufacturers --- Players
Boats: LEGO LEGO DUPLO Number Train
Specimen Set: Formatex Geomag Mechanic - 146 Piece Set
Creator: Model & Hobby Crayola: Swirl-Turntable Drawing Book
Party Games: Promitor / Keller-Mayer Bogy and Babu - Seasons Party Games
Interactive: Formatex Candy: Interactive plush puns
Other Girl: EGO LEGO FRIENDS: Funfair Werewolf
Other: LEGO LEGO TECHNIC: Claas 5000 Trac VCA Community Votes Winning Preschool Pack:
3. The Love of Sámu Reformed School (375 votes)
2. Búbonyterenye City School Chupafl Taguwoda (478)
1. Nyitnikaki Nursery School in Paukkdi (565) The members of the jury awarded the Professional Quality Award were:
Pierrot, game developer and producer (daddy)
Csordbs Бgnes, President of the Hungarian Widgets Association
Zita Görцg, photo model, presenter (mom)
Galgуczi Edina, editor-in-chief -
Jбnossy Gбbor, leader of the Reading Program of the Association of Hungarian Newspapers
Katalin Tarjбn, senior school teacher
Veszelszkyné Ildikou Husbrik, developmental teacher
Erika Vбlyi-Nagy, editor-in-chief - Maternity Magazine


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