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"Miracles" do not cure diabetes

"Miracles" do not cure diabetes

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In the short term, two toddlers with type 1 diabetes were at risk due to a fashionable diet on the Internet.

Dr. Anna Kцrner Head of Diabetes Department, Department of Pediatrics, Department 1, Semmelweis University

In the age of the Internet, various diets have become very fashionable, and parents have called for "healing" in children with type 1 diabetes - dr. Körner Anna, head of the Department of Diabetes, Division I, Department of Pediatrics, Semmelweis University. For example, he mentioned the Paleolithic era, which includes wonderful healing histories. Of course, more than usual green is healthy, but the high protein content of flesh causes the kidneys to suffer from the disease, and the high levels of fats and so-called red fats. In addition to the szйnhidrбtok vйlt or valуs csцkkentйse often ellenхrizetlenьl rбadбsul, konzultбciу nйlkьl csцkkentik the intake of insulin mennyisйgйt, it's the kids esetйben kьlцnцsen veszйlyes, kцnnyen akбr diabйteszes ketoacidуzishoz ( "kуmбhoz") is vezethet.- the nineties йvek kцzepйn бtйltьk the alternatнv megoldбskeresйs elsх hullбmбt - continues dr. Körner Anna. When a young child is found to have type 1 diabetes, parents find it difficult to contend with a maintainable, but incurable, patient population. The child should self-inject, adhere to dietary guidelines, and the early consequences of the disease are known. It is only natural for a baby to grab hold of any crippled baby, whether it is looking for information from another mom or the Internet, and then finding a solution to the problem. Many patients and parents alike use this service for financial gain. Few years of predominantly alternatives to "treatments", room arrangements and similar "remedies" were preferred by parents - this is something that I naturally do not believe in, but if you do, you should not. Körner Anna. However, in the current wave, special diets have come to the fore, although any kind of austerity diet will lead to one-sided, sooner or later deficiencies. It is also problйma if the szьlхk not mйrtйktartуak, йs visszatйrnek the betegsйg kiderьlйse elхtti usual йtrendhez, but also veszйlyes if terjedх the Internet eszmйk kнsйrleteznek alapjбn megszorнtу diйtбkkal, йs are fanatically betartjбk anйlkьl to doctor konzultбlnбnak, meggyхzхdnйnek arrуl to pйldбul valуban does your child need less insulin than before, and the long-term effects of dieting. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates, calculating the amount of sweets, chips, lozenges, nutritional components, trace elements, vitamins in the right proportion would not only be good at all, but at the very least.
November 14th World Diabetes Day (World Diabetes Day), held by World Health Organization (WHO) and International Diabetes Association in 1991, since the discovery of insulin by Nobelick Daddingn, the author of Frederick Grant.


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