Success stories XXI.

Success stories XXI.

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I long for the Advent period to be spent on bodywork, auto-painting, and safety. Finally it came together! Even though the Noodles couldn't miss it.

Even before he starts to ring the sentries, instead of the Christmas greetings cards, I apologize that K. Cs and K. Zs have been completely harmed by the case. All it took was that Borik was a bit slapstick in the parking lot.
First round (strokes)
We are in the midst of two viral infections, an inflammation of the eye, and another cracking mifene. We wound up the other day as usual: Csenge's cap in Zhumom, Sombor's left shoe in the baby's right foot, "But I still have to take the Planetarium!", "Dad, you do not buy a jacket?" "Me too!", (Let's go for a while!), "But I still have a piggy-back!", "Tigjist too" Akan akajom shut up! "," Йn, йn! Dad, the Zsomboy is up! " (Megхrьlцk!)
For the time being, I will put the whole company in Borik and target the childcare facility. Parking in front of me is like old-fashioned street work (circles are less than a few people dance, and then when the music stops, it falls out to those who don't), I try to get Borik in there from the right when the loud click comes from the left. (Bass!)
"Dad, did you ever say that you came to life?" "But do you think stupid fools?" (Wait, please, a little!)
We managed to get a real city terrain, one that can crawl underneath the sleeping number and wash your parent's bookstore, which is useless on terrain, on asphalt. (According to my friend's definition, it is a Viagra-Ptullo hygmage prosthesis.)
- But they couldn't be there! The jingle didn't signal themselves, and the backhaul radar was just planned! (Or something!)
- Yeah, we sneaked in and out. Yeah, I think you could see the temple tower in the back window at most, but for example, did you look in the mirror? Or at least a H1N1 shield?
- B! The mirror is always turned away by my wife. What's that? (Ugorgyunk!)
"Daddy, we have to pee!", "Daddy, aren't we going to go to chick?" "Dad, are you calling me again?" "Dad, are you going back?" (Where's my head?)
- I see you're having two. (Can you count at least.) Do you know what? Let's meet in the evening, under calm conditions. (Yeah, you're not here tonight ...)
"Don't be sorry, but I guess he was here all the time, would you teach me?"
- Where are you thinking? I don't live here, and I just saw if the kids had something wrong and whether they were mixing themselves. But I have to hurry up! (Kцszi!)
Borika's screen is like Bird's after a release. Your kills can be cured for eight days. We were relieved of the burden of Christmas revenue. (I can buy a plasma bike on my bike.) Look at the good side of it all! (This is what my friend Béla says: if you do not shake hands with you when you give the Kossuth Prize, you do not need to wash your hands afterwards.) Just pray that you do not have to do something Outside, Railroad, Letters, come.
- Good evening! Weren't you frightened this morning? (Yeah! This manuscript is quite normal without his tank.) "Dad, is this silly wit's cap collapsing the Boycake?"
- No, thank you ... all right.
- I bet you, my obligation is settled, here's the bond, the postcard and whatever else I need, and I admit I made a mistake. (If you have to, I just want this kind of rider for everyone!)
- Weak, so hearty! Come on.
- If you are not good at bodywork, they are happy to help, I have a trusted locksmith. "Dad, are you going to Bojika Kochi because of the babe?" "I'm not killing the fucker!"
- So ... hey, thank you for coming, I hope hey, hey, sure.