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According to him, vitamin K is just a fiction for doctors

According to him, vitamin K is just a fiction for doctors

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This was stopped by the anti-vaccination father, whose baby son died at the age of eight weeks due to vitamin K deficiency.

The Criminal Proceedings of L. Csaba and Ada continued in the Budapest District Court: the Diuddish spouse was sentenced to death because of a deliberate lack of intake of vitamins and minerals. The procedure has proven that the child's death was caused by vitamin K deficiency.In his opinion, vitamin K is just a fiction for doctors (photo: iStock) According to the defense, parents who had not vaccinated did not call the doctor even when they had already radiated a bed, and many more tried to obstruct the care. The expert study also found that had the baby been taken to a doctor for the first signs of a malady, life could not have been saved anymore. including the second and, thirdly, the third dose. The baby boy died of a brain injury at the age of eight weeks so that he was not at all given vitamin K. Endre was born in November 2012 at home with the help of Te Szllesed Kft. The mother did not go to pregnancy during her pregnancy. Earlier in the January 2019 hearing, she listened to the nurse and colleagues, as well as the family pediatrician Gabriel Mile. The board then questioned the responsibility of the teachers, but the nurse said that due to the lack of regulation, it was not possible to administer vitamin K, but it was also urged by the woman. that Konakion, or "vitamin K prophylaxis, has not been scientifically proven, and may be more than a benefit," and later in an interview with 24h, he said, " And we'll give it to the child. "The child pediatrician, Mile Gabriella, was sentenced to two years in prison for a year's occupation, suspended for one year. In that previous case, in 2016, an Agro boy was killed by his parents for believing that "prana-eating" would be alive. At the time of the January hearing, the doctor was suing the doctor for forgery of a document because he had a certified certificate of a required but unpublished BCG vaccine. However, the bureau read out the defendant's note in the same year, stating that Vitamin K was a "synthetic synthesis", a "medical fiction", and an error in the protocol for submission. When the boy confronted him with his earlier words, the father suggested that he read only after the death of the child. no baby, no need for pouls. The bourgeois recalled that, so far, their efforts had been that they had never heard of Vitamin K. The mother changed her words so that she probably said this only after the tragedy. The parents declared themselves innocent throughout the procedure. The father of natural healing, who previously held anti-vaccine lectures, had a fierce "professional" dispute with every expert he had heard. According to Csaba L., there was something wrong with the child in the hospital and that the doctors really wanted to obtain the organs of the child. murderers have warned "the child. Csaba L. explained this with his devastated state of mind, but he also often argued at Thursday's meeting that doctors may have wanted to have the organs of a baby.
The couple's couple are currently raising two other young children in Diuddi's home. The talks will continue with talks on October 16, which will be followed by the announcement of the announcement. Parents may also receive a fine of between ten and thirty years if the court upholds the defense.
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