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Cereal dolls

Cereal dolls

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In the past, milk wheat was the first solid bite given after breast milk to a couple of months old babies, and in many European countries it continues to feed with cereals.

The little ones also like cereal baby food

The kush is mainly included in the food offered for dinner, but it is only at the age of two that the baby will be well enough to eat it in the middle of a smear in the city. According to current professional recommendations in Hungary, we can start with cereals, but there are some restrictions to take into account in your baby's interest. After all these considerations have been made, it is clear that the time has come for the infant formula to be given to infants! Do not cook cereal with cow's milk before the age of one! Soak it in water, then whisk it with milk and whipped cream to make delicious snacks.
2. Add whole grains only after one year.
3. Until six months of age, breastfeed only, or in the absence of this, the baby recommended formula!
4. Do not give instant breast milk to breast-fed infants before the age of one. Almost half of the powder contains whole cow's milk and sugar. Before the age of one, avoid the use of cow's milk because of the risk of allergy. The inscription on the boxes is unfortunate: most (incorrectly) from the age of six months are recommended by the manufacturer, despite the high cow's milk content. However, milk-free instant cereal flakes can also be obtained, which can be easily mixed with lukewarm milk or fresh fruit juices.
5. Gluten should be introduced between 4 and 7 months, according to the latest protocol.

Mother's milk

7-8 months - Rice the rice twice with water, under a lid, in a small saucepan, soften under a quarter of an hour. Let it rest for another quarter of an hour and then whisk it in the milk with a whisk or bot blender. Of course, the amount can be varied as required, this is a relatively large portion. You can make the same from the rice flour. We mix two tablespoons of rice flour roundly in one deciliter of water and cook it on low heat, stirring until thick. Finally, it is mixed with breast milk or the creamy part of the skimmed milk. His prepared rice is pretty nasty. We can blend a small banana, apple compote or any other seasonal dish. From eight months onwards, you can add fresh orange juice to your baby if you can get your baby wet. This is how you peel the orange cloves and then cut the fruit into small pieces. Don't sugar the baby food!


The method of preparation is similar to the above recipe, except that the formula can be cooked, so the vitamins in the bar are damaged. You can work around this problem by buying instant rice rice labeled HA or by making instant cereal flakes from one year old. They can be prepared without cooking.

Husha bassadar

From 8 months old, for infants and toddlersI added two servings: a small rape, a tomato, a teaspoon of oil, 10 dkg of lean minced meat, 1.5 dl of tomato juice, 6 dkg of couscous. In the heated oil, fry the minced meat a little and then add the grated must. We cook it for a while and then top it with tomato juice. Stir in the couscous, bring to a boil and let it sit under the lid for five minutes. For a moment, tomato is dipped in boiling water, cooled, diced and rolled in the dish.Tip: Couscous is a pre-treated, larger-than-usual porridge. Soon soft and easy to digest. We can cook this meal for a while, instead of meats, minced meat, rape and tomato juice, pear and yellow cubes. It is recommended in the law that gluten should be introduced at some time between 4 and 7 months. Small amounts and it is best to breastfeed your baby at the time of introduction.
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