Playful stones

Playful stones

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From an excursion or a waterfront lodge, kids always come home with pockets full of pebbles. Wow, the curly-haired wonder is exciting!

Gemstones (photo: Victoria Column)

The fun of having fun at home can continue if you brush and pebble with the help of German painters in bright multicolored. And when you're done, you don't just have to look around. With help, you can learn colors, numbers, and say in a playful way.The bricklayer is involved
- hobby acrylic paints of different colors
- acrylic lacquer
- Thin and thick brush
- board or thick cardboard for mixing colors
- water bottle
- moistened cloth

For painting, it is worth choosing smooth, smooth surface stones. Wash the first blotch thoroughly and dry it, then paint the sample with the selected color on the surface of the stone. Some colors may require two layers.
After the paint has been completely painted, paint stains, stains or your own imagination.
After 15 minutes, coat the painted stones evenly with acrylic lacquer spray. The paintwork is resistant to abrasion and weathering, so we can leave colored pebbles outdoors.
Play with dotted stones
You can teach colors and numbers to these small stones with these simple stones. With the help of games, we can call this lovely Neapolitan saying:
One, two, three, like,
you little boy, where are you?
I'm not going far and wide
just to the end of the village.

In the sun, the snails disappear. Fortunately, with the stone snail we can play as well as sing the famous songs:
Snail, come out,
Your house is idekin '.
You get milk, butter,

Chunky-pebble pebbles
You can decorate the stones with simple polka dots and stripes. The following verses can be taught while playing games:
Fuck, dunna, little quilt,
Sleepy, dotted cover!
Fluff, fluff, fluff,
Wait for my apartment!
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