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Bend: Younger babies are not safe

Bend: Younger babies are not safe

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In Romania, the bend is raging, with 16 fatalities, most of them baby. According to experts, many people have died in anti-vaccine campaigns, which may be the cause of the situation. Babies less than 15 months old are not safe for us.

Bend in Romania

Although we have evolved cat immunity, babies who have not yet received a turn-based vaccine (MMR vaccine) are in danger, meaning they can catch the bend, never travel without attention in Romania Lajos Уcsai, former head of the JV's Department of State Medical Officer in an interview with Origu.

We are obliged to protect against bends

The bend is lurking in the human body for 9-11 days, followed by depression, dizziness and other symptoms. What do you need to know about patient sickness? In our country, children who are obliged to take a turn are given combined protection at the age of 15 months. The so-called MMR vaccine also protects against not only Morbillas (bends) but also mumps (Mumps) and Rubella (Rubella). At the age of 11, children receive a booster vaccine in 6th grade of elementary school.

What is the MMR vaccine?

Weakened alveolar protection. The stability of the vaccine is provided by gelatin, a neomycin defense against bacterial contamination. The vaccine does not contain egg white, so people who are allergic to egg white can get the vaccine.

MMR Vaccination - Cross Contraindication

Only healthy children should be vaccinated with the vaccine. A child with cold or immunodeficiency should not receive MMR vaccination. Ingredients are also known to be problematic - for example, severe neomycin allergy. Vaccination against a curve (with MMR vaccination) is not recommended with immunoglobulin supplementation or blood tests as these reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. In such cases, it is advisable to wait 3-12 months for the vaccine containing the weakened lesions.

Bend Vulnerability - What type of vaccine reaction can you expect?

After vaccine administration, vaccine disease may occur between 7 and 21 days, when the child's body develops bending, rubella symptoms (swelling, swelling of the gland). These symptoms are very mild and it is important to know that a child with mild symptoms does not infect. Vaccine disease does not last long: it disappears in 2-3 days. If, for some reason, little antibody is produced in the child's body and the disease is erupting, the vaccine will still prevent the dreaded events of the mumps.

Don't let the anti-vaccine go

The bend is terrifying, aggressive. May cause serious birth defects. According to statistics, one in every thousand patients dies, one in every one can develop a permanent lesion due to the events.If enough people are vaccinated against they receive protection who have not been vaccinated. Because the virus is not one of the people in the community who can attach to the body, because almost everyone has the antibody in it. A couple of months before conception it is worth giving the vaccine if something has been missed. She did not recommend vaccination during pregnancy. At home in 1969, she was vaccinated against bending. This is the last time such a disease occurred in 2001 - Origo reports. Vaccination rates in Hungary are high, and therefore, viruses brought to us from other countries are not found. In Romania in early 2016, he had a lot of bends. The western and southwestern counties are the most infected. The country's health minister said the tragic situation caused by the anti-vaccine campaign, which has resulted in as many as 16 fatalities, especially babies, has occurred. Anti-vaccines are silent on cases of permanent injury and deaths due to events. The claims they made and the side effects they raised were all questioned by the professionals.They are related to the topic
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