Influenza Law: More and more people die in Romania

Influenza Law: More and more people die in Romania

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In Romania, the number of deaths due to influenza has risen to 26 after five deaths have been reported in the past two days.

Influenza Law: More and more people die in RomaniaAccording to Romanian medical officers, on Tuesday, more people were found dead due to an influenza virus. The youngest was a young woman of 63 years in Mureş County, who had not suffered from any other illness but had not been vaccinated against influenza. On Monday, one case was reported, so this week the number of fatalities increased.
The death toll jumped last week, with Romanian authorities reporting on Thursday that eight patients died in ten days from a foot disease.
On Tuesday, five people were admitted to the town hall with flu symptoms in Timisoara, with three children among patients.
Sorina Pintea According to the Minister of Health, for the time being, there is no disease in Romania, as the infectious disease has only focal points so far. Most cases were reported in Bucharest and Iasi. Influenza spreading and quarantine or visiting bans have been ordered in some Romanian hospitals due to the protection of patients.Related articles about influenza:
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