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The TAJ card may disappear

The TAJ card may disappear

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Antal Rogan announces that it is one of the tasks of the future to have a digital person ID, so that the TAJ card can be terminated.

The TAJ card may disappearE-Government will also belong to the ministry of Antal Rogán, at a hearing of the ministerial candidate, he said that it is the task of the future to ensure that every Hungarian citizen has a digital person, you can use it, but you can also choose a TAJ card. From the electronic person identification, the card is also suitable for e-identification. The e-person has a valid maturity of 6 years for people over 18, 3 years for 12-18 years, or 3 years or 12 years or less for people under 12. An extension of this was told by Rogan when he told the Index that the goal of the future is to have a digital ID for every Hungarian citizen.
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