What's wrong with my breasts?

What's wrong with my breasts?

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Cracked, itchy skin, blisters, red bumps, yellowing - something that triggered a hypersensitivity reaction. The most common symptoms of contact allergy occur in 10-20 percent of children and adults.

In special cases, contact allergy may occur during breast-feeding.

Бgnes (28)

A special form of contact allergy developed during breastfeeding along with Bnes. The nipple court was cracked, scorched, extremely sensitive and red. First, of course, I blamed the baby and the long-breasted baby for making sure he "swollen" the nipple. However, this is not the case, as the nipple skin is a benefit to breastfeeding, which in itself does not cause such severe, inflammatory symptoms. Then you bought a rinse that was used by all your washes. The rinse aids in the bra were moved during breastfeeding and the baby's breast and milk droplets were moved, causing severe skin rash.


The inflammation went away by the doctor steroid ointment its efficiency improved quickly, then Leave rinse aidand thoroughly ventilating the laundry after drying it outside did not return. In similar cases, it is good to supplement the treatment by impregnating the skin of the nipple with lanolin or beeswax-containing nipple.

Zita (34)

Zita strives to keep metal-containing clothes and jewelry from herself. Where the button on your jeans comes to your stomach, almost the skin of yesterday's evening. The same is the case for her bra with a bunch of metal spurs. If you touch the skin a little, you will experience persistent itching. But you can also mention necklaces, necklaces, which are also capable of blotting the skin around the neck. It started at the age of 17, when it was replaced by a fashionable piece of gold earrings. Only a few lords were in the new contract for a long time, but that was just enough weeks, moist, painful inflammation develop out of the small hole and around it. Lately, his complaints have multiplied, and he has finally discovered he is allergic to nickel.


In a similar case it is avoiding allergy-free metals the best solution. Minimum 18 karat gold, titanium and mostly silver jewelery are not a problem as they are not oxidized under natural conditions, so when mixed with sweat it does not dissolve in the skin which is whitish. There are a few small tricks you can do: sew a tiny texle strap on your bra to help prevent contact. For fashionable earrings, necklaces we buy or make gold or silver parts. Let's try to buy a trouser that closes with a traditional button.

Laura (42)

Early in his life he wore hard contact lenses without complaints. Although he has become accustomed to rubbing itchy eyes in the middle of the ragweed season in August, it was slowly, the "allergy season" expanded throughout the yearin addition, after wearing one of the contact lenses, the lens was clouded as if some dirt had been deposited on it. As it turned out, this was due to the allergic reaction to the contact lens material and the reasons for this.


As you can see from, there is a huge variety of contact lenses available to voters. Even in the 1950s, the lenses were still made of glass in the twenties of the last century, but today they use a very wide variety of raw materials, most often causing acrylic compounds, which are relatively allergic. If you suspect this, find out the lens material you are using and try other, similarly made but different lenses. It may be that the solution, not the lens, is the solution that is applied or stored. content of thiomersal because. This possibility should also be considered when complaints have been occurring since years without any problem with the fluids used, since allergies can occur at any time. It may be a last resort for laser eyes to eliminate, for example, shortening.

Let's just show it

If you suspect contact allergies, it is best to consult a specialist allergist. Symptoms can often be difficult to distinguish from other similar illnesses, such as inflammation of the skin due to some irritant substance, atopic eczema, or more complex cases when one is more severe. For example, a patient initially treated with steroid ointment for atopic eczema may become allergic to steroid ointment. Negligible inflammation is very often over-infected, and the results have to be unraveled and interpreted by the doctor, as so many different illnesses have been stacked. epicutan test hasznбljбk. The 33 most common allergen extracts apply a minimal amount of each to the patient's back, and the result is read 24, 48 and 72 hours later. There are also 15 rows for detecting dental contact allergies and 24 rows for metal allergies. Without Beutalу 15,000 Ft. Specific to blood (that is, specific to the given allergen) IgE examination among others, it is recommended for children who may not be able to perform the skin test, or may be particularly advantageous if the patient's skin is extremely inflamed, as this would render the epicutaneous test impossible. The cost of a panel of 33 allergenic children without a referral is 10,000 Ft.

When the light was on

A special type of contact allergy disease when the allergen only causes symptoms when exposed to sunlight, exactly on the parts of the body that are exposed to light, because the substance is activated by ultraviolet radiation. Strangely, but most often, the various ingredients in the various sunscreens and radiant creams cause skin inflammation. Keep on learning about the most common contact allergies!