More is consumed, who often see a doctor

More is consumed, who often see a doctor

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There is a lot of research into the factors that influence the effectiveness of disability. A Polish study found a striking correlation between weight loss and the number of visits to the home doctor.

Are we so doctor-addicted? It seems that knowing that we are about to have an appointment with the GP when we can talk about disability may be a very important motivator. Clearly, this is clear from the Polish study, which included patients who were overweight and obliterated but not yet diabetic.
There was nothing extra and nothing new about the disability guide, just the usual three basic advice:
  • walk twice a week for at least half an hour,
  • reduce the number of calories you intake,
  • eat more greens and fruits.

  • One group of patients had to report to the home physician twice a month (two months) after the first appointment and program, and the other group once a month. The results showed that the URBD surprised the researchers: the average weight of the first group was 3.3 kilos, while the second was three times as much as an average of 10 kilos!

    Motivated if you have to report to your doctor regularly

    What is the key to success?

    The presentation was made by the American Diabetes Association at its 72nd Scientific Meeting in June 2012. The overwhelming majority of presenters at the event are a cukorbetegsйg is a medicine that is suitable for treatment. The Polish research team, which examined a very simple, easy-to-implement and cost-effective anti-diabetes efficacy study, was a notable exception.
    During the discussion of the results, it was highlighted that more frequent visits to the home doctor also meant more positive confirmation, more frequent answers to the questions asked, and more useful information about the schedule.
    A significant motivating factor is the knowledge that the results will need to be accounted for in the not-too-distant future by someone who is an eminent physician, that is, a respected, respected person: the doctor should be taken seriously, just as you treat a variety of illnesses. According to the Polish research team, if visits were made every two weeks, the number of kilos cast could be further increased.

    And if you want to lose weight too?

    There is nothing stopping you from using this experience! You may want to check with your home doctor to see if they provide a similar opportunity for your patients. You can join a community where every member is consuming and communicating regularly about the results. However, this can help you a lot to avoid lonely wolves.
    The Baby Room, which is launched twice a year in January and late May, provides a similar opportunity to sign up for registration: Experience has shown that we are not bad with the delivered kicks, the weekly average is always, sometimes even more!
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