He didn't panic: he helped his child through the car

He didn't panic: he helped his child through the car

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Not a police chief, but a rescue phone call from a turkish father who ruled the situation and helped his wife eliminate small boys in the M1 car.

Didn't panic: A car-assisted wife in her birth (photo: Bors)When Danny Székely's wife started driving, the owls were in a car in Turks to head to the church. But they got stuck inside the dugout. The father was in control of the situation, not panicking while he called 112 to ask for a police officer. "I flew in on 112, unfortunately they couldn't give police a lead. Even before I panicked, I found a police truck, stopped, and landed that I might not turn on the siren," she said. so we went but as soon as we went, but then the bouncer completely bounced, "Dad told Bors. The baby's head was born, then he stopped and called the 112 again, where he turned on the rescue. The couple, their little boys, Gergh, were the first to get a phone call. "For me, it was a beautiful creature. It was just like the baby's face looked up at me. True, it was a shroud, but it wasn't a problem ... And with her little blue, she was also a beautiful," said the father. child (via
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