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How long do you breastfeed? Magбnьgy!

How long do you breastfeed? Magбnьgy!

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Usually it causes a major storm when this topic gets out of hand. Most women plan to have their baby breast-fed until the age of one, but it turns out that it is not uncommon to finish breast-feeding after the age of two.

The intimate moment of breastfeeding

While the World Health Organization recommends that you continue breastfeeding until or after the age of two, and primarily to habit of breastfeeding for two to three years, and anthropological research also supports breastfeeding is not restricted to infancy during natural conditions, in advanced countries, it's not a custom either. Typical malicious comments on a blog include: "My son has been breastfeeding my son 3 and a half years old. breast milk. "" There is something in this story that, in my opinion, is not a wholesome conclusion from the mother's point of view. The child is not the property of the mother who has come to the world to make her fucking life better. " with the plasma year and your BMW terrain, because there are others, then you have to figure out something you can pick up. on the vaginal evening, suckle until ovine ... live in yurt with your grandparents and take care of them. Sorry. "What Can Your Breastfeeding Advice Do? First of all, it is strictly private, for how long you breastfeed. No one has the right to mourn a mother, even if she is a couple of weeks apart, even if she is a couple.It is not uncommon for a mother to be a big cat, but she is always interested in separating her suckling child. When you dive deeper into the conversation, you usually find that you really don't want to, but the notes of acquaintances and relatives are very confusing and overwhelming. .How is this? What's wrong with what? To help me in my explanation, an old story and a poem very close to me are as if it happened to me as if it were telling my feelings. I admit, I was surprised when a letter from one of the readers of Kismama Magazine came to my attention several years ago, formerly a toddler who ran with confidence and insistence on the sweet mother's breast every day to console her with disappointment, minor accidents, or boredom with a little sip of milk. I almost saw disappointment and disgust as he turned from there to the hell. From one moment he could collapse into the other, a world he had believed safe and predictable. He had to suddenly learn where his mother's body and his personality lay. I also remembered my little boy, who was sucking his finger enthusiastically, until someone had greased it with dripping peppers so he would never feel like getting it. I remember her grimacing face and the surprising sensation that for the first time in my life, I regret it with a pure heart.

A brief answer to your concerns about breastfeeding and weaning

Whenever possible, we trust the child when he or she separates. Give him the opportunity to develop a natural step-by-step process of suckling when he is not in need. Once in a while, you will develop this intimate, loving form of contact.Another way to know is sensingthat - no matter how much we love to breastfeed - sometimes on our days, with the years, maybe more and more, we are looking for independence, and to re-possess our body. Really, one nice day, you know, that was too much. These things run in parallel, and we are far from alone with the infant child. We learn to let go of each other, to love with greater distance. We are happy to become more and more shaky, but secretly headache a bit. How much, I never managed to put it into words. Then fate struck Cross Lilla versйvel. It contains everything that can be said about this topic.Thank you and youWe'll save
we saved a lot,
it was over
also summer
And we got old,
йn my face
a bullshit,
He opened
her curly hair ran
with him,
if he ran,
and yeah
I left
let it fall,
And when he cried
a little,
I've breastfeeded again,
out there,
in front of people,
let them marvel,
We are so
the two of us.
They turned a little,
as if they didn't fit,
what's good,
but we did
léptьnk fыre
And we saved
go to town,
And if you're hungry
we just sat down
the skin,
just like the peasant women,
could run
the world.
her body
I was at it,
I caught five,
х grabbed me,
I left,
And I closed my eyes.
We were somewhere far away
in something unknown,
where it is ringing
there is no rule
don't even know
no language,
only force
and movement,
He came up to me
And I went up to Jin
and how we met,
we laughed at the time.
We blotted out five
the two of us, sure
йn х,
we told him
how you can, if you need to,
we stay
And when
we were torn in two,
х coming to Latvia,
And we dare to go
two halves,
yeah it was
I was free,
that it has dried up
the river, the sweet,
and as it faded away,
this is you,
the water of freedom,
my face began to tingle.
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