The pediatric clinic calls for emergency help

The pediatric clinic calls for emergency help

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Unusual help: The spread is on Facebook. And what they are asked for is unusual: not money, but baby clothes, bodysuits, hats for a very small, premature baby.

Judit Baginé Timkу, a member of the Children's Clinic I, worked with her sister Sorghum to expand the outfit of the hospital with the help of volunteers. It is enough of standard, new-sized pieces, but with tiny up to 400 grams of nuts coming out in the world, it is harder to find the right fish. The price of clothes under 52 is in the range of 2000-5000 HUF.
That's why they ask business minded moms to sew: bodysuits, kittens, or anyone who knows can knit a cat. In exchange, they can offer a couple of hundred forints and send a photo of the first wearer of the costume to the donor. You can read the announcement here, click!
You can contact Baginй Timkу Judit here.


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