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Babies are waiting for the kids at Night of the Lost Blood

Babies are waiting for the kids at Night of the Lost Blood

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On Friday evenings, the Night of the Puppets is held at Holnemvolt Blood, where they entertain families with a variety of programs and performances of various genres of puppets.

The Zirбnу Szнnhбz Bean Jankу varбzsolja exciting nйha absurd adventures of the audience elй, Bence Sarkadi vilбgjбrу bбbmыvйsz marionette elхadбsбval kйszьl the estйre, but Boxer bб 'Papнrszнnhбza йs Pбlyi Jбnos Vitйz Lбszlу bбbjбtйka also vidбm moments нgйr the kцzцnsйgnek - бll the Бllatkert csьtцrtцki kцzlemйnyйben.Babies are waiting for the kids at Night of the Lost Blood Families attending the program are welcome to meet the dragon jugglers alongside the dragon, but the Seventh-Week Palate, a multi-level game that captures Hungarian animal stories, is also found in the Deserted Blood. In addition, there will be crafted crafts, nipples, face painting, but also camel rides and horse rides. It is open until 17 pm, and those who arrive for the Night of the Puppets are invited to 18 pm.


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