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Billiards Toys From Dish WashMake up your own game!

Billiards Toys From Dish WashMake up your own game!

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Soft, color-coded, well-finished and inexpensive. Have you ever thought about dishwashing as a creative ingredient?

Wipes are a bit like deco rubber, but when you put them in the water they are softer, more colorful, and you can make super-developers. the fussy.

What you will need:
  • Colored dish cloth (150-250 Ft)
  • Hole, ollou
  • Cipхfыzх
We cut out the wooden template and the fruits with a cut. Prepare the holes for the fruits, then arrange them on the tree and mark the holes in the tree shape.

Punch it out, and then the whirlpool can come.

I also made a sine template, so you can put the fruits on their spines. What's great is that you can take it in the bathtub and try the booze there. (The template can be downloaded HERE.)
TIP: If you cut out a shoe shape, you can practice shoemaking, shoemaking. Except for prospective firsts, ovis.
Small remnants can also form a chain, cut into three, quadrilateral, circular shapes, and then play through the middle of the hole.

We can make a super water ball from the dishcloth. Just a smaller pool or a bar for the yard, playground, and cool games.

Remove the 9 x 1.5 cm hose from the dishwasher. You need about 16 pieces to make a ball.

Let's cut the hooks together, wrap a little bit on it, then tie it with a line or floss in the middle, tight. So it's easiest to get it done before you get wet.

TIP: The water ball can also be used to make artwork. Just dip one side of the ball into the paint, then print it on paper, textiles. Real moms can try this out by putting a big sheet in the garden and then tossing it in a colorful dishcloth.

And, of course, you can do the dishes too! Because with a good little sink there is no better developer for the kid! Depending on your age, you can wash plastic dishes, plastic toys, but as you get older, you can wash dishes, bowls, glasses (of course, with a little supervision at first).
Have a nice time! The author runs a popular blog called "The Smell of Sunlight", but you also find it on Facebook
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