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Does your child learn to skate? - Tips for beginners

Does your child learn to skate? - Tips for beginners

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Should we start with a professional teacher or father? And what's the ideal coat? Is it usually too old to put the little ones first?

Teachers of the learned

Let's get up!

Before the start of the season we train our muscles and gymnastics by training and gymnastics. Exceptionally, with steam, you can learn snowboarding, "hockey", parallel momentum (slalom), the basics of carving technology, and the bucket. Equilibrium is evolved, and a single rainfall technique is formed.
Good equipment is important! For kids, layered, waterproof, stretchy clothing, lightweight gloves, skirts, appropriate size and quality boots and slings, a non-slip eyeglasses are also required. Put in your pockets (and don't forget to use!) High-fat cream and lipstick.

If Dad Is Your First Education…

It's not good for skiers to glide with their little kid on the back or between the feet: it is not only your fault that can fall! In addition, there is no direct contact with the child living on the back and possibly breathing in the wind, and soon the little baby loses its breath ... csъsszon. Let's start with the hockey and the hockey.

The best in Ssulin

With a qualified education, the child learns to safely ski, and you will know what level of skill you are capable of. Fun, fun-based education with lots of games is also good.

And if you can glide around already ...

We are looking for a lame and less visited track with the child. Let's try out a new one first. Warm up before each occasion, rest between turns, drink plenty of hot tea. Three at a time, enough is enough in the dust. Don't let go of "just one more!" school is often found in many places in Budapest: eg. from Normafan, Pasareth, Cape Kaposmount, Ubud / Mt. In addition to the capital city, of course, we can also visit rural areas, eg. You are also in Szentendre or in Mátra.
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