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I give strong practice even in bad times

I give strong practice even in bad times

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"We weren't sick at all this time," "I was afraid that the ovibule would bring home something often, but we split it," "my baby boy is in school," such proud prints can be found on maternity forums. We'll follow up on possible immune-boosting tricks.

A B C D…

Slowly, children also know that there is a steady supply of nutrients for the prevention of diseases, for the healthy functioning of the body, for balanced nutrition, for the enhancement of the weight, for the improvement of fitness. Vitamins, minerals are indispensable in metabolic processes and in the regeneration of the body's whites and bones. This is especially true for children whose organizations are evolving.
If you do not get the necessary amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, your state of fatigue, fatigue, poor condition, fatigue, impotence,
A healthy diet should include all phases of the year adequate amounts of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and a variety of lightweight materials, trace elements, calcium, iron, magnesium And the rest (the list here and now may not be complete. All of this is basically provided by the breastfed infant with breast milk, and by healthy children on a balanced diet, with as well as the application of vitamins.

Prуbбk is not only in the tale

At certain times even the healthiest child is more often ill, due to recent weather or life changes, stress. Not only does the cold winter, early autumn, early spring, damp weather, this kind of infectious, soiled, smoggy city air test the kids' immune system, they also want to lose everything. For example, you can foresee that there will be more traffic in children's waiting rooms after the summer vacations.
In this case, after a home defense, after a rest, the child enters his or her childhood, where, with every little companion, he or she brings in his or her own small microflora, bacteria and pathogens that his or her body does not already care about. On the other hand, they are "exchanged" in groups of children, so they are exposed to new types of disease that the body is not yet prepared for, so they can easily cause infections and diseases. Walking into the new community, wandering, kindergarten, and school also endures the child psychologically, so stress also contributes to a diminished immune system and the ability to catch infections.
Already in the early years of life, when the immune system is not yet fully mature, it expects the child to be "challenged" to test his or her body and make it more susceptible to infections. For example, tooth decay, growth, weaning, habituation to new foods, vaccinations, maternal separation into habituation, and, of course, every other year. Some of these are known in advance: for the expected effects, it is worth starting your preparation, strengthening and equipping your child's protection system a few weeks before. This may be due to vitamins, herbs, natural immunostimulants. Let's see some examples!

C like…

Vitamin C strengthens the body's immune system, is antioxidant, that is, it helps in the fight against morbidity, stimulates the production of antibodies, and improves the resistance to infections. Numerous fruits, high in green, such as peppers, broccoli, lemon, rose hips, kiwi, sauerkraut.

Strengthen with stones! It has a high vitamin C content

However, if you need to take vitamin C outside your usual diet, you should know that vitamin developed for children contains this amount of out-of-line immunization. Some of the supplements contain only vitamin C, and some are combined with other types of vitamins, minerals, and are available in a variety of formulations, formats, and tastes to suit every child.

Plant aid, plant aid

The most effective defense against infections, such as colds and influenza viruses or germs, is in our body: T-limfocitбk they fight the invaders. These T-cells are activated with a few drops of natural plant material, tea or extract, in drops. Examples of such effects are grapefruit seed drops, cat's claws and flower buds. These are also homeopathic remedies, but they are available in a variety of forms in drugstores and pharmacies.
For a few decades, we know the immune-boosting effects of minerals and trace elements. They are mainly available in combination with vitamins and in the form of effervescent tablets, drops, syrups. However, it is advisable to consult with your pediatrician before treating your child with such a severe condition, as overdosing of certain substances can cause problems.
It is also a rule of thumb that the instructions for use, the instructions for use of the benefits should be read and strictly observed, as the ability and dosage depend on the age, weight, and condition of the child.

Remember: It also contains Vitamin O and Vitamin M…

At the very least, it is advisable to think about preserving your child's health! Vitamin Othat is to say, we can consider fresh air rich in oxygen to be a vital ingredient for life, M vitamin and exercise - both of which make a significant contribution to boosting immunity.
So, in times when the risk of illness is particularly threatening or when the child's mental state is stressed, he or she may experience a severe loss of warmth, cool air, or it is also a hut where fresh air almost obliterates the lungs and rises blood circulation. Exercise in the middle with parents, and playing with it all, adds to the child with a loving mind, which mentally gives him new strength, and also develops his resilience.
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