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It's an uneventful day

It's an uneventful day

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Pocak is still nowhere, but your body gives you a countless signal that you're expecting a baby. Welcome to the universal community of fresh mothers! We'll also share with you what little tricks you can do to help your situation.

It's an uneventful day

7 o'clock in the morning
Is "morning sick" quicker than waking your head?
Solution: that had breakfast! Of course, since he hasn't eaten all night long, hunger has been known to boost the hook. Ask your life partner to quickly get you a slice of gluten that will throw your blood sugar a little. It is best to have a slice of peppermint or chamomile tea, the herbs to soothe your stomach.8 ounces
There's no rush hour, it's time to get yourself to work. It's too bad to think…
When traveling by car, park just a couple of blocks from your workplace, or at least two stops by bus on foot! Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which is a kind of moody hormone that will make you feel better and decrease your mood. A nice morning walk with full energy all day long and you will sleep better in the evening.9 ounces
You find your colleague in awesome perfume - how come you haven't bought this before? And how are you going to spend the day with it?
Smell smell! The aromatic lemon a great antidote to fresh scents. Spray a little essential oil on your handkerchief and put it unnoticed in front of your nose when a dangerous person is near you!10 ounces
You have to go to a conference in your captain's cluttered, airy office. Uh, heaven!
The solution: menthol candy and lots of water. Menthol relieves nausea and freshness, and the stress-relieving effect of water is also a great help here. In Kölln as well you have to drink a lot, especially if you are not only sleeping, but you are actually sleeping in the morning - the liquid must be flushed! If you already know in the morning what to expect that day, dress smart! You decide that you can remove two layers in a cramped space if you need to, and it doesn't hurt to have your tummy tucked away by the intrusive gaze.12 ounces
Your colleague grins out that you are just as dead as she was at the beginning of her pregnancy!
Start with yesterday's dinner! Then pick up your toothbrush and retire to the toilet. A thorough one fogmosбs it can only do you good: it refreshes your breath and your body. And if you are one of those among those who, even on sick days, are in a bad mood, you can now get rid of that miserable feeling.1 urn
Everyone hurries to the canteen. Get into that kale smell… ?! Even the thought turns your stomach up.
The Common - and, possibly, a bit of genius - choose a meaningful instead of a lunch sandwich or salad! You can rest on good quality cold meals for a few weeks, don't worry, raw foods often contain more useful stuff than steamed, cooked meals.3 ounces
Gentleman punnyads. You think you are loosely snuggling underneath the desk and sleeping a good while you may be unconsciously drowning out the blackboard you two days ago for a boy-like emergency.
Rather let your wrist cold water and it will wake me up! Then laugh at one mьzliszeletetthat your energy level should be fine too, but be careful, because with the added sugar consumption you have the opposite effect. Instead of chocolates, one or more times a day healthy whole carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, brown rice or oatmeal cookies are guaranteed to stay in good shape throughout the day.5 ounces
It's the end of work, but the evening program with your friend is still there. What is the time to spend?
Relax, relax, or log in talpmasszбzsra! Reflexology has a particularly beneficial effect on pregnancy hormones, and skilled hands can magically relieve fatigue and even inequality. The point is that you are choosing a specialist who has experience in massaging your skin and knows exactly what kind of oil to use in this case!7 urns
At your hotspots, chicks start to mock suspiciously, and you don't want to order anything outside of the book.
Tell me you need to get this plenty of water on a medical prescription instead of the usual gin-tonic! Nobody's gonna remember this one to watch.8 ounces
Kйsz. Totally overwhelmed, the evening is unsaved.
Complaining about the morning meeting that made you wake up early and say goodbye to the company!9 ounces
Your couple really wants to talk to you, but now you really don't want to. Of course you wouldn't be sorry ...
Get into a great bath of water, body proximity and fine warm relaxation, you see! The first weeks-months of hardships for most short periods of time restrain the desire for sex - but don't be disappointed, this is just fine. In the meantime, look for intimate situations that both of you are embroiled in the elite.10 ounces
You're on the couch bobbing. Uh-oh.
Mars to heaven! You're gonna feel worse and worse - now you have to sleep! If you scrub your stomach, take a couple of snacks before bedtime - a banana and honey milk for example, it's definitely a good "sleeping pill" - so you won't wake up in the middle of the night with a wolf.1 urn
By the time you get to the bed, the dream has gone out of your eyes. You are tired all the time, yet you are unable to fall asleep in your mind.
Describe what you feel! It's never a mistake to be overly guilty of magic - the essence of letting go of steam. Describe Anything: If you are tired of the whole thing and tired of your raging hormones, then it is! Accept your senses and give yourself a rest. You see, tomorrow a little bit better! Related articles in this topic:
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