Esther's Diary - Week 26 Has Meaning

Esther's Diary - Week 26 Has Meaning

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By the end of this week, we fell into the tummy ... Esther went for a 4D ultrasound!

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

This is a pregnancy because you can always expect something. It's like nine months old Mikuláš. The excitement doesn't always wane, because there's always plenty to worry about. In addition to eating, sleeping, moving, changing, or just thrilling, the following things can work for me: have you got my blood count, has my blood-load results, my breast fat, is my baby iron does my baby grow up, is the baby moving enough, or is that baby doll ??? To find out, we signed up for 4D ultrasound. Then I apologize that I'm not the type who doesn't want to know in advance what Michael will do, or where the hell Jesus or the movie we're going to hide are, why will you be bad or what the city is famous for traveling or what gender your child is. And, ha fiъ, how big is a bitch? I want to know everything! Elхre! Because I'm interested. And maybe a little inflexible ... and impatient ... but it sounds better to be careful. We went back to baby babies. That was in full swing. I was shaken unceasingly at how Brown was living in my amniotic fluid, what he was doing in my baby. No question about letting go, but how! In places like these, I always find myself kind, and of course I knew this because I read about where to go, how much and why, and whether or not you would be a good kid. As the machine threw in all the answers, we picked a place where we had a birthday and signed in. We went, and they were really nice. The big brother went to the big brother show, I lay on the exam, jelly on my stomach, and we could watch our little boy. Mom and Giza sat beside me a little on the left and we all had a very good time on the flat. All the jokes were awesome! The face of the baby, the grimaces, the shimmering, the movements, like a Chinese circus bodybuilder, put his feet around his neck, his hands beside his ears, and the cord is always there. We saw that Brown's testicles had fallen, his heart beating and his heart beat pulsating, then we could see everything! Living body in living body. What if it's not the miracle of science! We had tens of thousands of forints on cinema for about a minute, we made a copy of it, we predicted that we would like to take a photo, so we also got a lot of it (and really!). Bekereteztьk. And you can say that 4D overpowering is stupid, and why and the picture is distorted, but for me, we got it. Another happier day, Brown came closer to me half a meter, I can still imagine it, I can see it every day. Not to mention that arrows, grandparents, friends, anyone interested and anyone who couldn't be there can see the footage. And one day, Brown will see her fetal self, who is already a lucky mortal who can see a couple of paragraphs of her life, and more easily understand why someone is sleeping with their hands on their head or what.