Apricot soup - not just for babiesAddition

Apricot soup - not just for babiesAddition

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In a matter of minutes, the peach soup cooked from the computer is ready. Every member of the family can get it.

Peach soup

a large autumn apricot kernel (tens of apricots),
so many nails,
a piece of cinnamon in one,
half lemon,
two tablespoons of sugar,
2 deci cream or yogurt,
pierced almonds
The apricots are drained, the leaves discarded. Boil 1.5 decilitres of water on a hot stove cooked with three cloves of nuts, a small piece of cinnamon, and three slices of lemon. Remove the spices with a filter spoon and add the juice to the computer. We pour 2 dices of milk or yogurt into the boiling soup, stirring in the middle. We blend about six peaches apricots and put the remaining peaches into small soups. We give the baby nine to ten months of age.

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