The holidays make children happy for a long time

The holidays make children happy for a long time

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Sure, it costs a lot, but it is worth spending time on. We always say why!

The holidays make children happy for a long timeWhen you are about to enter your bank account when booking a vacation, your eyes will probably tick most of the time. Of course, money is an important aspect of a more serious trip, but today, according to science, the benefits of such a family program are priceless. Research has shown that family holidays are a necessity in Ireland. Parents and children are both happier, more connected, and have lasting memories with the whole family. Research by the University of Toronto material or material thing. "A nobleman elicited a strong emotional reaction from the person who received it - such as the thrill of attending a safari park, the enthusiasm of a rock concert, or the peace of mind. they generate greater feelings than any object or gift, "he says. Lindy Chan, head of research. "If you want to surprise someone close to you with something that can make the air even closer between you, offer them a chance to stay closer."
The British carried out a research and found that almost half of the responses were a favorite childhood holiday. And 55% of them said that "this vacation has made them richer in memories that they will never forget." When a family is going through difficult times, these pleasant memories can help a lot in challenging times. "A kind of happiness works like an anchor," says research leaders John McDonald.And leaving our home for a while and moving into a new environment not only makes kids fun and fun, but it also makes them smarter. The rich, diverse environment has a profound effect on brain function. During a vacancy, you may participate in new conditions (eg, sandwich with mother and father) that aid in cognitive development and growth of the forebrain. "If you have a dilemma of taking a pill for your child or taking them on vacation, there is simply no way to compare the two in terms of brain development and family bonding." beach games or hiking in the mountains activates areas in the brain of the parent and child that trigger the production of oxytocin and dopamine. "These two hormones reduce stress, and warm, sensuality leaves every member of the family and each other to the world. This, in turn, replenishes the emotional repository you need to make a lot of time." travel to the stupid. If we just get out to a nearby forest or to a forest, we can experience the same fun effects. Spring is slowly coming, what are we waiting for (VIA)Related articles in Common Conditions:
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