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When is it worthwhile to deal with numbers?

When is it worthwhile to deal with numbers?

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When is it worthwhile to deal with numbers?

Mr a kйtйvesek they also detect a difference between fewer and more than six, but this we can't express it. So, they cover the top of the six banana rings, while the others have only two. However, abstract quantity concepts emerge only from the age of three little kids can tell how old they areand show them on our fingers. The more times you see and count the objects, the easier it is to understand what the numbers mean. Whenever you want to practice, count your snacks and biscuits for breakfast, cars in front of the house, or rolled-up colored pencils. Say a word to your fingers, in the middle of your fingers (One, sour cherries ...).
However, the numbers are listed it is more important that they can capture something. You can help with this in different grouped games: for example, color, size, shape, you can stack logical pages (always make only two groups, small and large, holey and smoother, for example). Similarly, at dinner, we measure the mocha, milk, tablespoon, moving towards the abstract.
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