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Another 7 steps to try to help the family

Another 7 steps to try to help the family

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Viktor Orbán announced at the appraiser a 7-point family policy action plan, which is a lot of money for the budget. It extends some of the existing programs and has new elements.

7 points for spinning the number of childrenThe mini-mechanics announced on Sunday their 7-point family policy measures to encourage their childhood drive. Here are 7 points: 1. Introducing childhood support for young housewives. Every woman under the age of 40 is entitled to a discounted rate of $ 10 for a household. Every child is suspended for one year, and the remaining debt is released after three years.
2. Extend the CSOK discount loan.
3. The government expects HUF 1 million for the second child, HUF 4 million for the third child, and HUF 1 million for each subsequent child
4. Women who have given birth to at least four children are exempt from paying PIT until the end of their life.
5. Launch the Big Family Authentication Program. Two and a half million forints give the government non-refundable support for certain cars.
6. Reimburse the total amount of indemnity. 21,000 new jobs are being sold in three years. By 2022, all parents can take their children to worship.
7. Your grandparent's grandparent is introduced. According to the Index, Katalin Novák, State Secretary for Family Affairs and Family Affairs, had a press briefing on the topic on Monday, and provided further details about the program:
On the $ 10 million free-to-use loan
  • Women between 18 and 40 years old
  • repayment is suspended for three years after the birth of the first child.
  • after the second child arrives, the debt is cleared 30 percent.
  • and after the third child, the entire capital is eliminated.
  • 10 million forints is the maximum amount you can add, but you can add less.
  • even if someone borrows a maximum of $ 10 million, the monthly repayment will not be more than $ 50,000 a month.
  • with a maximum amount, the maturity is approximately 20 years.
The program will be open as of July 1, 2019, and will be open for up to three years. felfьggesztйse. CSOK Expansion
  • it also extends the purchase of interest-rate subsidized housing.
  • this will also become effective on July 1st.
  • In case of 2 children 10 million HUF can be borrowed for 10, 3 or more children
  • they break the 35 million mark, so you can get a loan for a more expensive second-hand home.
Mothers with Multiple Children on PIT Benefit
  • it will probably only start for the future.
  • the woman who raised at least four children does not have to pay income tax until the end of her life.
  • PIT-free will apply to everyone who has several children.
The great-grandchild
  • this is to encourage parents to go back to work.
  • grandparents can't pick up your child's extras.
The Bcshcshdkrkr
  • By 2022, we want to provide full salary support. This would require 70,000 places to stay in Békéscsída, and about 20,000 are missing.
About the automotive program
  • this is why the government is introducing it because we find there are some who are not expecting a fourth child because they simply don't get into the car with such a child.
  • this program will unexpectedly start on July 1st.
The government currently estimates that the entire package of measures will cost the budget in the amount of 150 billion HUF in 2020. For the time being, we do not know, for example, what interest rates a young married woman would receive on a 10 million discount rate. It was long before that women who had more children would not have to pay personal income tax, but so far three children were born, so now they have been declared tax-exempt. According to's estimate, this is about 37,000 households at a time, assuming the government does not implement the scheme, and if so, they are already raising four children. The tax exemption for mothers with three children would have been much higher, at 173,000 households. According to Index calculations, tax-free maternity tax for mothers of children causes a 24 billion forint loss of tax revenue to the budget each year. The request is that a three-child family with three children will decide on the measure. With CSOK, it will be possible for two and three children to take advantage of the non-refundable loan that they have used, support. With this step, you can expand the number of CSOK recipients and the amount covered by the budget. Another extended program is mortgage loan support: so far, the government has given a couple of millions of support to those who have had three or more children, and is now providing support after the second child. Family Car Support, meaning that families with three or more children can receive $ 2.5 million in non-refundable support for a new 7-person car purchase. You will not know the details of this, for example, whether it will be such that you cannot sell the car for all time. Part of the program is the grandparent's child, that is, the grandparent can stay at home with the child. By doing this, I want to publicly encourage mothers to go back to work as soon as possible. In doing so, the government wants to address the current labor shortage. Similarly, mothers are returning to work more quickly with the Bihar program, with the expansion of the wharf, the government has now hoped that everyone will be able to bury their children. The question here is who will work in these wineries, as there is a shortage of labor in this area, and the profession is not overlooked and attracted. The government had previously said that national consultation requests could be counted on as family policy measures, but that there is now no need to introduce primary maternity measures or a failure to comply with them. Related articles in family policy:
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  • No more support, no more children are born
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