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Baby Development - Seventh Month Hours

Baby Development - Seventh Month Hours

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Growth fluctuations and growing teeth - that wouldn't be too much, but we can count on other changes this month as well.

Baby's Development - Seventh Month's Trials (photo: iStock)The seventh month is a significant state of affairs, but also a distinct one transition period in the life of the baby when a number of abilities that are essential for independent choice begin to develop or strengthen. At the same time, however, children who are not dynamically developing at their own pace can experience this period very differently; draw far-reaching conclusions, because you can't, and most of all, do not curb your baby's progression in the circle of friends, wanderers, or playmates of the same age.

The teeth are coming

One of the big changes in baby life is that by the seventh month, they are usually starting to catch them. Of course, you shouldn't be frightened even if there are no signs of globally growing teeth this month: it is rare, even rarely, for a child to have teeth at birth, but only the first birth most begin sometime between the ages of three and seven months. Usually, it is easy to see that the tooth has begun when the teeth are no longer visible; In these cases, it is worth giving them softer, custom-designed tools that can relieve the pain, but if they have a bad tooth, for example, they do not sleep at night, then consult with your pediatrician about occasional pain. And just as soon as you have your first tooth brushed, you can start brushing your teeth with a soft baby doll and a toothbrush made with them. appearance of teeth is one of the milestones, but this one is not the only significant one this month, but it is the ability to hold more or less of your glasses or spoon. Their grip is getting more stable, and they can also find other forms of movement with their hands, most notably the applause (through which babies can figure out how good it is to make noise by combining one thing with another). Babies this month can have a very wide range of movements: there are some who are slipping, some who are moving, other baths, even sleeping, and different combinations of these can be imagined. There are people who practice cooking or yoga first of all, but this is not a problem, we just try to signal to them that they can go to the other direction. If your baby starts crying because he doesn't get what he wants right away, let's give it a little encouragement instead of solving it - but don't waste it: if he doesn't go that day, he'll probably succeed.

You may understand, but you're still not listening

The babies will have been getting acquainted with the milk for some time with smoother, more refined foods - and you can safely move further along this line with ever less fluid fruit and vegetable blends to feel new textures and get them to know the fresh need and practice. When introducing a new diet, always wait a couple of days before giving them another indication to find out if they may have had an allergic reaction. Also, you can begin to improve your social skills by putting them in the midst of family fun in the midst of childbirth.You'll see more and more frequently repeated language motifs, such as the names they pay attention to, or the prohibitions, so often "not allowed!" formulбt. But that doesn't mean they really don't do what we want to forbid them: their curiosity will win over, and their memory won't be so advanced that they shouldn't eat it, say, on a mobile phone. of course, they don't really understand what counts as playthings and what doesn't - but they start to get a grasp on what to do with certain objects, and they are literally attracted to what looks, feels, sounds, works. If you have a utility item that your baby shouldn't grab, then for the time being, just pack it where it doesn't reach it, or at this age, it's always the best tactic to divert your attention when doing something you don't really want .The baby's memory for the seventh month is so advanced that these days-weeks can be brought to their attention tбrgyбllandуsбg (that is, the fact that objects, individuals, even if we do not see them) is a matter of key importance to their ability to grow in life. The direct consequence of this is that babies can remember mom and dad even when they are walking far away, which can result in lots of laughter and signs that they are averse to new faces, well-known people are favored. If at this age we need to leave our child's society, we should try to do it when we are just gone: it is eaten, has a clean diaper, and is not very tired. At this time, even if you are grieving because of your loss, your relative or carer can easily calm down and / or distract your attention by playing games. the routine of sleeping and sleeping, the established routine should remain constant between the changes.And talk to your pediatrician if you experience this month that your baby is not swallowing things; it does not respond to our weakness or sounds; cannot rotate; does not make sounds; virtually never amused; makes a gesture difficult, stiff; or not at all.
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