What is 3D and 4D Ultrasound?

What is 3D and 4D Ultrasound?

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For decades now, it was just a dream to "fall in love" with the prospective mother's tummy, but today, we can even learn the facial features of a baby to be born in color photography. Is there a more modern version of traditional ultrasound?

Tradition and innovation

Most ultrasound devices are conventional 2D, engraved images. The engraved images of the engraving are made up of the brain of the person examining the presumed volumetric image. For all this, he uses the knowledge he has gained from his previous studies. THE modern computing technology provides the ability to display spatiality - the third dimension. During the three-dimensional examinations, the sectional images are already processed by the ultrasound machine, so that the result is a real state image. The information content stored in the engraving sequence makes the image rotatable and can be studied on many sides.

Ultrasound examination of healthy fetus may help reassure parents

What's the matter with 3D?

Spatial rendering provides significantly more information and confirms the view taken during two-dimensional examinations. If so appears in real-time motion, talking on 4D ultrasound.The fetus is seen in several angles during the examination, which may help to visualize certain developmental abnormalities. The actual appearance of the fetus can help strengthen the relationship between the parents and the unborn child, as we can observe the expression of the fetus during the examination. 3D-4D ultrasound examinations they do not form an integral part of medical diagnostics, and conventional 2D ultrasound also provides sufficient amount of information for examination. For the time being, 3D-4D ultrasound examinations do not take over the role of 2D ultrasound, they can be considered as just a supplementary examination method.

"Baby Movie"

The use of ultrasound in routine years has become a routine procedure. At the same time as the method became widespread, there was a need to ensure that the developmental stages of the newborn child are photographed, does not finance the making of non-medical recordings. The experts also share the kйrdйs whether correct kizбrуlag "szуrakoztatу" cйlzatъ vizsgбlatokat vйgezni.Az ultrahangvizsgбlatok sorбn the egйszsйgesen fejlхdх fetus lбtvбnya segнthet the szьlхk megnyugtatбsбban, may constitute motivбciуt that szьlхk (kьlцnцskйpp the vбrandуs nх) more aware egйszsйgьkre, for example, . quit smoking. Can help a marriage between a father and his unborn child development. Another view is that the possible adverse effects of ultrasound are not sufficiently explored. Because of this, the developing fetus may be the smallest under the load of ultrasoundthat ultrasound examinations should be performed in the shortest possible time and in the smallest possible amount.For all aspects, a suitably qualified technician should perform the examination with the correct illumination within the diagnostic limits of the ultrasound examination. We have found a service where the 4D baby cinema can cost as much as $ 4500 (only until 17 weeks) and more for $ 12,000. The average price is somewhere around 7000 Ft.
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