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They make the gift!

They make the gift!

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We give you some very simple, nice recipe recipes. Small treasures can be managed by parents, even the smallest ones.

Christmas gift making

Wrapped candles: The easiest to make yet wonderful gifts are candles made from bee leaves. In art stores and hobby shops, you can skip color or natural cards. At the same place you can buy boats.

Making a candle is all about wrapping the wax blade tightly on the can, just like pancakes. Let's get to work only when the sheets are warm to room temperature. They get cold easily. We can also make small, bulky, larger candlesticks or tapered candles. If you have more than one color wax, you can decorate the finished candles with a different, pre-colored wax shape, simply by framing the shape. This may be a reddish Christmas tree or a sign of the nursing school.
Layered candles: If we cut out a lot of hearts or stars from a wax blade with the help of a cuneiform filter, they are stacked together to form a candle in the form of a heart or a star. The cane is inserted into the center of the candle figurine with a long help. We try to make our candles as full as possible so they will continue to burn.
Gyertyatartуk: they can be made from sugar cubes, with the help of canteen eliminated. Cut the candle into the center of the shape cut out of the thick "dough", dry the work, and paint it after drying with a golden temper or decor paint.
Karбcsonyfadнszek: if you use a thinner board, you can use the same technique to make a Christmas tree, window sill, or hanging chair. (The raw material can be a solid plasticine or a real clay if you can solve the artwork.) Children can use these paints to create beautiful decorations.
Papнrlбmpбsok: Black cardboard, corrugated or photographic paper, colored tissue paper, olive oil and of course some form of paper needed. From the cardboard, we cut a round 40 x 10 centimeter strip. The back of the paper is marked as a cent, so it is divided into squares. Kids can figure out what shapes to cut out of the squares. The shape of the window may be shaped like a small bell, pine or star. If the cardboard is thick, you can cut out the windows on your own with the help of a winder, a sniccer or a thinner paper.

The only task is to cover the small windows by gluing colored lint paper to the inside of the lantern, bending the cardboard over such a small area, and sticking the two ends together. A candle or candle was placed in the prepared lantern. When we collect the cane, the creature competes with the lights of a stained-glass window.
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