Two delicious sandwiches with Chicken Salad and Avar

Two delicious sandwiches with Chicken Salad and Avar

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Sometimes it is better to have something cold to eat than a multi-course lunch or dinner. Well done favorites can be in order, but don't miss out on something new to you. The sandwich is an awesome slogan, the number of variants is endless!

Chicken salad sandwich, recipe below!
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The secrets to sandwich success

- Don't be dry! Apply a delicate cream on it, this is where the rest will come. The cream gives the base, the base mood.
- Don't be boring! If you're making the same two-to-three sandwiches every day, it's time to let it go. Not only can we be fine with what we are used to.
- There is also a large selection of bread and pastries. Not only do we buy bread and white bread, there are sandwiches that are much more delicious when made from brown bread, kernels or other specialties.
- Be showy and special! It's a good idea to think of a way to throw sandwiches with a few nicely placed ingredients: The separation of digestive juices starts as soon as the bake is nice and tasty.
- Take your time for dinner too! It's just a matter of eating a sandwich, running a dog sandwich, and taking a crafted masterpiece out of a perfectly arranged table. It doesn't take much more time than tiring to eat, just a few ideas, different colors, and requests for accessories all over.
- Always try fresh greenery. To not just be a calorie bomb, your sandwich should contain lots of plant fiber, vitamins, delicious, fresh, crunchy greens. As children get used to it, it is natural for them to always have bread in their bread, which is very diverse. Special care should be taken in the washing and cleaning of the greenery! Drain the lettuce leaves in clean kitchen towels to avoid rinsing the bread.
- Include the children in the production. They have great ideas when it comes to dynamics, new and interesting tastes.
- Make it fresh! The success of the mundane, crunchy, not-so-crunchy sandwiches has been blamed for the delicious ones. Therefore, we only have to lubricate at one time with great currency. Keep the creams in a closed container in the refrigerator.
The quantities given in the recipes largely correspond to the amount required for a two-child family meal.

Awesome sandwich
Photo: Rbtka Йva


A small eggplant, such as red-hot bell pepper, a teaspoon of lemon, two tablespoons of tomato, two tablespoons of oil,
Cut the washed, cleaned peppers into pieces and discard the kernels. Wash the eggplants and dry them. Slice the pepper pieces in a tablespoon of oil and then put the peppers in half, and in the same pan (maybe even a tablespoon of oil), shred the eggplant into small cubes. Once softened, sauté peppers and eggplants in small pieces. Add the lemon juice and tomato paste to the mass. Stir well and we can add it in March. When stored in a clear jar, refrigerate for up to a week.
What's right with it? Lightly sliced ​​turkey breast ham, baby corn
What kind of bread do we lubricate? The brown bread, the Graham bread is the best.
Vбltozat: The hot sandwiches and toastcakes are also very delicious. The sauce can also be made for grilled meat.
Hint: You can also get ready to go.


25 deca chicken breast fillet, one teaspoon of oil, two beautiful apples, 20 deca light cucumber, 10 deca hard cheese (Pannonia, Trappista, Lamb, Eidami, Parmesan), one deci yoghurt, parsley, sour cream, a few whites Cut the chicken breast fillet into thin strips and fry in a little oil. Once cool, cut it into small cubes. In the meantime, wash the apples and cucumbers and cut them into small cubes. Sprinkle with lemon juice. The cheese is also cubed and the pieces are mixed. Sprinkle the yogurt, sprinkle with chopped parsley and dill, then mix well. Store in the refrigerator for two days.
What's right with it? Onions, tomatoes, quail eggs, ribbed lettuce, poultry salad
What kind of bread do we lubricate? It is a full-length, full-bodied French bread or roll, which is slightly removed inside so that we can accumulate the chicken salad there.
Vбltozat: You can make the same hot sandwich, but it's worth baking.
Hint: It is delicious with buttery cheeseburgers and salt meringue.