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How next? 10 unexpected situationsBreastfeeding emergencies

How next? 10 unexpected situationsBreastfeeding emergencies

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Sometimes one of the simplest and most natural things in the world is serious, seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In reality, however, it is rare that breastfeeding solutions cannot be found.

Breastfeeding is very important for the baby in many ways

Mom's in the hospital

The ideal solution is for the hospital to do the baby picking. In this case, one of the assistants may require the presence of a family member, as the mother may not be able to care for the baby. If there is a ward in the hospital, they can pick up the baby, and baby nurses can take it to their mother. If the family lives close, they can suck the baby in, at least on a few occasions. If none of this is possible, we can mother a high-powered electric breastfeeder with two nozzles and help her at least four times a day for 20-30 minutes in the head. This can also be done by moving the baby, even if the mother is in poor condition. What happens if we fail to do this? Drugs used to milk the milk have unpleasant side effects and are becoming less common nowadays. If the milk is not out, then chest inflammation may flare up, which comes with high fever and intense pain, and this is probably not the least thing a patient in the hospital needs. The baby and the mother will also lose out if they cannot continue breastfeeding.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Small age is particularly common nowadays, so it is not uncommon for firstborns to breastfeed better when their little brother is on the move. In this case, it is not forbidden to continue breast-feeding, since this does not entail any increased risk in healthy conditions. However, if your physician indicates signs of premature death or other serious risk factors, it is better to make an exception and choose to isolate. Against breastfeeding, if the mother feels that it is better to stop breastfeeding. Because pregnancy can result in increased nasal congestion and milk volume, baby and mom may choose to wean.

You need to take medicine

This rarely means the end of breastfeeding! Only a very small amount of the drug comes into breast milk. Of course, an important rule to just that in a well-founded case take medication (not just colds, flu, for example). Your doctor may want to look at several sources that are worth giving to your mother. Neither anesthetics nor analgesics (eg from a dentist) are on the Prohibited List. As soon as the mother recovers from anesthesia, she can breast-feed.

Baby in custody

It is also possible to breastfeed, even if the adopted mother never gave birth. This is due to the fact that the regular stimulation of milk production begins. Unfortunately, it is not enough to produce enough milk to feed the baby, but it is possible to breast-feed the baby for up to several years. It is a good solution to get your baby fed during breastfeeding with the help of SNS, or SOPTANTO.
For more information on using SNS, visit

The milk is gone!

Before a viral cataract (and the yellowing of it, diarrhea), or some stress (exam period, quarrel, death, accident), and the mother feels, all of a sudden she has no milk! However, for birth, counting from the last breastfeeding or milking forty days szьksйges. The vast majority of cases are mostly temporary, and the situation is resolved in a few days. We try to calm down, relax and often put the baby on the breast. This helps the milk reflex function. However, unreasonably obtained exhaustion significantly reduces the likelihood of continued breastfeeding.

Mellmыtét after

Breast enlargement in itself is usually not a barrier, unless it is due to underdevelopment of the breasts. THE I lack glands unfortunately, it is impossible to waste. Women with small breasts usually need frequent breastfeeding to get enough milk for their baby. Unfortunately, in the case of a small breast, some of the glands tend to fall victim to it, so you may not produce enough. It can also be a problem if the nipple is not properly positioned, as it can damage the nerve endings and cause an unstable shoulder nipple to cause breastfeeding.
Usually a breast can produce enough milk, so breastfeeding is worth trying even if you can count it as "hot".

Mom will work again

If the first six weeks are spent on breastfeeding and establishing the amount of milk needed, continuing breastfeeding has not proven to be difficult, even if your mom is out in the sun or part of the day, and your baby's milk is rather feed it with a small baby because of the use of baby bottles pacifier confusion As a general rule, having six urn breaks will adversely affect your milk production, so it's worthwhile to put in a workplace header. By law, every breastfeeding woman has the opportunity: her child is entitled to two hours of work a day until the age of half, then one hour of work a day for up to nine months; If your mother has to travel and regularly milk the milk, you can go back to where you left off after returning home!

Can not suck the beans

Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that due to nervous system problems, premature birth or developmental disorder, it is impossible for a baby to breastfeed or, if it does, to have very little effect. A similar situation may occur in the case of breastfeeding strikes. However, maternal body proximity and breast milk are still needed. The first is to ensure that you keep your nude breasts fed as well as breastfeeding (you may also want to overdo it over time). we can provide it with a header, even for years. With the help of an electric, two-headed breastplate, you can clean your breasts relatively quickly and efficiently. There is no need to be frightened by the decrease in quantity, it usually takes a couple of days to settle. Breastfeeding will be tried again and again as soon as it will go. It's still months from now!

The baby wears a cloak

If your little hip is born, or may be born with a hip, you should wear a shawl for months. This makes it very difficult, but it does not make breastfeeding impossible. The main problem is that due to the extended brisket, it is difficult to breastfeed the baby, meaning that the belly does not turn over the belly of the belly during breastfeeding, so it is common to get the nipple badly. : Leaning over, you can still breastfeed evenly in the axillary, but there is a need for some whining.

Natural fist, war

Unfortunately, during catastrophes, one of the main pillars of relief supplies is the free formula, although it should be avoided under extreme circumstances that babies should be unjustified. Because there is no good quality drinking water, purity is questionable. Due to the usual rules, the mortality rate of artificially fed babies is very high. Therefore, whenever possible, breastfeeding and breastfeeding (or breastfeeding) is a safe solution and should be facilitated. You should also consider where to start making money in the poverty-free diet in the early days.Related articles:
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