Several hundred children became ill in one of the county offices

Several hundred children became ill in one of the county offices

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Thus, at 250 elementary schools in Szombathely, about 250 students received sickness and diarrhea. The Vas County Government Office has launched an investigation.

Several hundred children became ill in one of the county officesThe disease is accompanied by mild drainage and gastrointestinal complaints. Stбnitz Йva According to the county officer fхorvos tбjйkoztatбsa haladйktalanul megkezdtйk the jбrvбnyьgyi kivizsgбlбst, patients kikйrdezйsйt, йs megtettйk due to szьksйges megelхzх jбrvбnyьgyi intйzkedйseket.A megbetegedйsek Vas County Szombathely Kormбnyhivatal nйpegйszsйgьgyi fхosztбlya йs jбrбsi office йlelmiszerlбnc-biztonsбgi fхosztбlya vizsgбlatot is by far indнtott.Az megбllapнtбsok all of these schools had the same kitchen as lunch. MTI reported from parents of a child attending one of the affected elementary schools that the brunch on Wednesday had fruit soup and rice for lunch. Horvath Thelley Elizabeth, the head of the county's Department of Food Chain Safety, has informed MTI that samples of food, raw materials and detergents have been sampled during an on-the-spot inspection and are laboratory-tested.Fodor IstvбnThe director of the Szombathely Tankerület told MTI's inquiries: Three, they were ill at their school, but they have never been told that they want to take an extraordinary school break.Zielbauer Gyцrgy, director of the Antal Reguly Language Teaching German National Elementary School, said that 109 children were ill, so he knows three referrals to the home doctor's hospital. Because of their absence, there is no school day in their school, there will be lessons.Louis the Great, Director General of the Vas County Markusovszky Kurhazz told MTI in a roundtable on Thursday that no one had been contacted so far because of severe diarrhea that was indicative of severe starvation.
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