Dad is just one!

Dad is just one!

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Nappy diapers, do dishes? Are you running Lut, are you running? Do you work day and night for you? Do you dine, play football tonight, because he has some off time too? Dad is as diverse as Mom. And you can be many things. Very good. Let's celebrate it too!

Fathers Day is a popular holiday around the world. at the beginning of the century, they began to be held on Mother's Day on the third Sunday of June each year. Celebrate the fatherhood, the roles of the parents on this day, thank the father, grandfather, and remember our male family members.
The Yul-Lith Foundation Foundation's 2011 campaign is a great opportunity to celebrate Father's Day at home, get the Father's recognition and attention.
Let's face it, they too have a huge task with fatherhood, but often we don't know what strengthens them or how to help them. We still do not always recognize when it comes to taking home work, and we - women and men - do not recognize the great value of mothers, children, or society as a whole. father into the family life.

Dad also has only one campaign he wants

- Recognize the men who take their parts out of their parents' and home tasks, as they are the co-parent and exemplary children.
- Encourage those who feel like it, would love to help, but are not doing as well at home as their next-of-life women. No problem! The girls were not born into a professional cook either!
- protects men from the great loss of life and the consequences of it, who think that they will do enough to return the money. They lose a lot!
- Write down the women who let their boys, couples, husbands be involved in parenting and housework.
- Encourage women who, if they feel like it, not too happy about housework and parenting, are able to share this feeling with their couple and their environment, and ask for support.
- Protect those who feel like they are struggling with their homework day by day without being recognized for it.

The campaign does not intend to dismiss:

- men are called masculine out of the house by the work - as far as they can be done.
- women from doing housework that is called feminine - as far as we can do it. (Strange, right?)
men on bread making - as long as they have a marketable profession.
- women from child-rearing - as far as children are concerned.
Join the campaign's Facebook page and tell us what you think!
They told you already! You don't hear that much from a man's mouth, do you?Star Gborbor anthropologist, environmental activist
"Even though I am learning that this is a matter for both of us, and not a jealousy to deal with my own affliction. Before the birth of my child, I am sure to say that I am involved, but in practice one pushes that out. it is painful to say, and very difficult to get rid of the classic role-play, the paternalistic rhetoric. "
Photo by Attila Glбzer
"I think they count. That I can tell. That it wouldn't be nice for a guy to say that I fucked myself yesterday because… or you do because I am upset, help! We can't ask. We can't tell our kids the pain." Just because of the stress we should have to help our child, yes, Dad can be weak, Dad can cry, and I can go to Dad and comfort him. He does that. False gender identity is carved into the stone.
Szily Lszszlу ъjsбgнrу, Index
"Men conceive of women as a genius for generations to come. But in a poor church, nobody helps, because everyone thinks the burden is on women, and all things are good for men, When I take Boris home for 3 days, we save up the stairs to the apartment with the baby carrier, and I see, God, there is no cents here. I can imagine how to steal it tomorrow. I was afraid something was going to happen, it seemed so unfortunate, and I, too, felt so unfortunate. "You can read more about it here.
If all this is in your head and you're looking for an exciting weekend, look for the Yuletide Foundation on Sunday, EU Equal Opportunity Day in Nyergegyháza and the Apkk Day Picnic in Budapest!