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Take care of the storage

Take care of the storage

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Extra care must be taken during summer to ensure proper storage of food. Incorrect storage can lead to the proliferation of food-borne bacteria and the development of less severe diarrhea or severe nutrition.

Even minor mild diarrhea is undesirable, as it results in a lot of fluid and weight loss.
We try to cool the cooked food in cold water as soon as possible, then put it in the refrigerator, but do not store it for 24 hours. We have to make sure at the time of production and expiration, especially for dairy products. Today we are lighter with milk, which is why milk is on the market and does not need to be refrigerated in unopened packaging. When using fresh milk, always boil it, then cool it as soon as possible and store it in a refrigerator. Never put warm or lukewarm food in the fridge, as the condensed couple will frost over the ripe, degrade efficiency, and consume much more energy. In this case, many fruits are rich and rich. Each item is cheaper to access, so it's worth storing them in a cushion. Frozen fruits and vegetables can be stored for up to 1-2 weeks, sometimes for up to half a year, so that they lose virtually nothing of their valuable food. Frozen foods should be thoroughly washed and dried in boxes, bags (caution: the remaining water will cause the fruit to dry) and the flesh will be low in temperature. Stored meals should be started to freeze. Dairy breast milk should be immediately placed in the refrigerator, but only 24 ounces can be stored, well sealed. If you want to freeze it, you can buy very practical, sealable, sachet bags, specifically for breast milk storage, but still only last for 3 months.
It is important to make fresh cooked food for babies and make the most of the southern leftovers for the evening, but do not add the dairy products until just before use. If we forget to put something in the refrigerator right away, and we're not sure if we should, we'd rather throw it out.