Apply for a Maternity Relocation Workshop!

Apply for a Maternity Relocation Workshop!

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Summer clothes, cheerful colors, cool hairstyles. Our beauty team made a fresh, youthful appearance for Bogi. The mother of two children was delighted to participate in the change.


Boglou Boglou (37), with noble simplicity, has just stated that the time you can turn yourself into is now zero. Next to her baby, Flurra (5 and a half year old) and her little son, Kristuf (16 months old), her days are completely filled with activities for the kids, even though she knows she's a "renovator". It was just so great that he was the lucky one.
Bogi wants to go back to work in the fall and asks for advice on how to refresh her wardrobe, hairstyle, and how to remove the traces of another's home.
As usual, stylist Kozak-Ignatius first took care of her young mother. Bogi waved his clothes between the clothes with a certain degree of certainty; There was a little pastel on Pastel when Eve interjected. Coral. Red. We would have liked to drop in pants twice, but then the rest of us asked, "Give me a mini skirt, watch your foot!" And, really, the skirts were a huge success. The stylist suggested to Bogi that she should wear more accessories and not be afraid of the larger necklace, earrings, because her height also allows for more bulky jewelry.
Zoltán Hegedыs, a hairdresser at the Allure Salon, decided not to straighten the mum's hair, which our model really admired. So far, I've always been dressed in gorgeous hair, which of course has resulted in the hairstyle not having the look of a salon by night. The well-behaved, comfortable, fashionable and youthful hairstyle at once fascinated Bogi, and he felt that he did not have to bother with the sun, but with a little hair covering and dyeing.


Bogi's mother is a beautician, and our model hasn't been interested in makeup so far. According to her own confession, she only once had her makeup done at her own wedding. She didn't really like it, she was fond of using a little mascara. Horacsek Bgi however, after the work of the make-up artist, her opinion changed. The simple weekly make-up made the look more subtle, highlighting the natural look of her face, the tones of her eyes. While the work was going on, there was also a quick makeup tutorial.
In front of Stephen Szilgygy's photographic camera, Bogi was completely dissolved, waiting for him to come home and show the results to his family. The effect was not lost. Her husband burst into bubbly, others joked that not the superintendent came home, but a bomb woman. The friends, the owls, the ovis moms could only congratulate the change. And those who haven't seen Bogi say, "When will the New Year appear ?!"