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Emergency waving during pregnancy

Emergency waving during pregnancy

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Relax, you are not in trouble! The hormones may be responsible for your mood swings. We will also show you which trimester you can count on.

The horror of hormones, physical and emotional changes all contribute to being able to laugh or laugh and to laugh within minutes of being pregnant, even if you forget your name. But I assure you, this is completely normal for mothers. Here's a brief guide to's summary of what to get ready for!

1st trimester: light weight and forgetfulness

Once you find out that you are expecting a baby, you find a bunch of conflicting feelings for yourself: excitement, fear, happiness, worry. And to add to that, the early onset of pregnancy, fatigue and hormonal changes. Wondering how your mood fluctuates like a world champion in the open? "Estrogen and progesterone levels go up in the heavens at the beginning of pregnancy" dr. Lucy Puryear pszichiбter. "And this has an ubiquitous effect on the mood of a pregnant mother. You can laugh for a moment, and you can sweat for the next."Embarrassment during pregnancyWhile blasphemy can also be blamed. "Can we afford this baby?" "Will I ever be able to sleep much more?" - plus things that seem insignificant. The majority of moms are able to take selfies on cute rumors of cute baby clothes, or even on an old song. "The baby is in a emotional state, so they are much more sensitive to everything," he says. dr. Jennifer L. Hartstein csalбdterapeuta. "After such a rush, one can be frightened of what's wrong with what can lead to a tragedy. That's why it's important to remind ourselves that this is all right. baby brain ", which in Hungarian can be translated as" baby brain ". "Progesterone hormone levels rise during this period, which is a calming hormone," explains dr. Puryear "However, it can also cause forgetfulness. "When I was pregnant with Parker, I once put my older son, Peter, in the blink of an eye, and served him a bunch of keys to his innocent suspicion," he says. Caroline, American family with two children.

2nd trimester: extreme humpback

The time has come to share the big news with the world: baby. The end of the morning sickness, your tummy curling, which is already noticed by strangers, and you can start to feel a little movement. If you already know the gender, it seems all the more real to have a kid. At this stage, however, it's not surprising if you find yourself smiling for no good reason, laughing loudly at a boring workplace meeting, and tirelessly persuading yourself to says Dr. Puryear).

Trimester 3: Curiosity and Curiosity

As your hectic time approaches, your excitement can be overwhelmed with anxiety and worry. Which is no wonder, as you become more powerful. Because of this, you often wonder whether a baby of this size is going to wear out on you. Not to mention the new era in life. From swirling thoughts, you can be extra sensitive and nervous, and you can get away with something like your hubby who gets full of health. Not surprisingly, if you threaten to come home at 11am until you find a chocolate donut somewhere else. Another typical manifestation of pregnancy mortification is your wake up call. Suddenly, you feel an inexplicably strong desire to pack, organize, and clean your home. This oxytocin hormone is responsible for the growth, which prepares your baby for childbirth and your breasts for breastfeeding. "Your whole world has gone uphill so you feel, you've lost control," says Hartstein. "You try to organize your life, which will soon be upset and look like a real shame." There are moms who glide on the floor while it is not shining brightly or resting until every baby garment has been ironed and folded. "Two weeks before my birthday, I decided I had to cook something for the brothers and sisters who would come to baby-show," says Jennifer, the mother of a baby. "I had a panic attack that I had nothing to relieve them, so I filled the caverns in the kitchen. The result of a small village was enough. To this day, can it be forgiven?"

Come on!

Whether you're dabbling in pelus advertisements or folding an ironically ironed outfit, here are a few tips on how to avoid the more difficult moments of your pregnancy.

Know that this is completely normal

Whoever has told you that expectation is heaven itself, has never been pregnant. Accept that there will be moments when? you jump out of happiness, but at times you suddenly feel sad or anxious. It is important to know that there is nothing to do with how much you will love your baby or how you will be a good mom.

Talk to other moms

Find another baby company online or in your area. You can also have a weekly meeting with a close pregnant girlfriend to exchange experiences and laugh at each other's stupid delicious caffeine-free latte.

Treat yourself

Yes, we know you have a lot to do, but we still encourage you to leave time for activities that will fill you in, for example. a good book for reading, or a nice massage for a pregnant mother.

Help your couple to help

Instead of being angry at your husband, who doesn't want to know what you need, give him tips. ("Dude, if you see me flinching, get me some hot tea and leave the room quietly.")

Ask for help if needed

"If we have more than two weeks of continuous crying and feel sad, we ask for help from our guardian," he advises. Dr. Puryear, who draws attention to the fact that postpartum depression can already occur before the baby is born.