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Why is this kid not sleeping?

Why is this kid not sleeping?

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You want peace and you need your baby to rest at night. It helps a lot if you understand the reasons, and even more if you can do a sleepless night.

Sleep alone and the ability to sleep at night are not common in childhood. It is not uncommon for little ones to need a parent to fall asleep or to wake up many times during the night. When you did not ignore man in a civilized environment, it was vital that you did not fall asleep without the presence of safety and protection parents. Many times during the night, I had to make sure that the adults were close by and watch out for the children. That is why it is natural for a child to wake up, suckle or get closer to the baby. By itself, this does not mean that you have sleep deprivation. Just as it can be considered natural to require the presence of a parent to fall asleep, fall asleep or suckle, or if you need to be up and running again at night.

Are you sleeping more and more? Unfortunately not

Sleep development usually results in babies sleeping relatively peacefully for about three to four months, but sometimes for as little as six to eight months, only to wake up to one to two you could still sleep the night. Nowadays most of them start to wake up relatively often, without having to think about anything abnormal. Because breast milk is still in great need, you are wasting your milk at night when you can breastfeed calmly. sleeps, it is difficult to sleep. Look at the possible problems and possible solutions!

Enlarged nasal tonsil

You do not breathe properly during sleep. Snoring, open mouth sleep may be typical. It can turn around a lot during sleep. So-called night-time panic attacks can occur when a child is awake, not completely alone, cannot be surprised, comforted, and then suddenly falls asleep.Megoldбs: It can help you have bigger children if you are raised and can sleep in the pillow. It is worth looking at the little nose-tip.

Growth jump

The infant periodically undergoes a period of intense growth, at which time it requires more milk, waking up and breastfeeding several times over again.Megoldбs: You might try to spend more time in the day. It's a good idea to put your baby's sleeping area in close proximity to your baby's bedtime to make it as easy as possible. The jump in growth is a transitory situation that can be followed by a less frequent period of waking.


Daytime anxiety, breastfeeding strikes, but as with all discomfort and pain, it may seem to work more at night when nothing is distracting. You may be restless, over and over, you may feel that you are trying to breastfeed almost constantly at night.Megoldбs: Breastfeeding also has a pain-relieving effect, breastfeed if you are breastfeeding. Sometimes topical pain relievers, gels, but analgesic drugs are helpful, as long-term use can have side effects. When the teeth change, slightly better nights may follow. It is not certain that the teeth of each tooth will suffer equally. In this article you will find abundant information.


In the case of reflux, diets mixed from the stomach from the stomach flow back into the esophagus. The acid can cause pain in the esophagus. When flipped horizontal, the symptoms of reflux may be more pronounced, causing the baby to be restless and lean. In this case, even when lying flat, it does not sleep well in the middle of the body.Megoldбs: If you can sleep in the middle of the day, in cloths, or raise the headboard slightly. If reflux is accompanied by poor health, breastfeeding difficulty, or inadequate growth, a gastroenterological examination is required.

It only keeps you safe

During the separation anxiety period, typically around eight months and another year of age, the little one may require more parental safety by giving him day and night. This can also be manifested by waking up and breastfeeding more often at night.Megoldбs: During this time of day, it is worth paying attention to being with him as much as possible. Respond to the need for proximity again at night, soothe, hug, suck it!


If the baby responds sensitively to something in his or her schedule, it can also interfere with sleep. It is worth considering if something new was received during the period when the worse nights began. In the case of food allergy it can be very typical that the middle of the night wakes up, it is virtually good, but you cannot sleep it, you want to play.Megoldбs: Consideration of the diet may help to temporarily exclude the most common allergies (milk, eggs, soya). Keep a strict diet for at least ten days, if the situation improves, you have probably found the "perpetrator".

Esti is licking

If you have a harder time digesting food or lying down with a full stomach until popcorn, it can also cause sleep problems. It can have the same effect if you get food in the evening that tends to spice up (cocoa, chocolate, sugary foods).Megoldбs: Cocoa, black tea, chocolate in the evening do not give the little one. Thorough evening "do-it-yourself" does not help the night shift and may even cause restlessness. Contrary to popular belief, night awakening is not about hunger!

Sleep doesn't always go easy

Father in the bedroom

He also observes events in his mind. Unexpected stimuli transmitted by the parent can cause distress, anxiety, and somnolence.Megoldбs: It is worth considering where to solve the evening fire.

Ovi, wicked, bishop

Getting into the community is stressful at first, which can disrupt sleep. This can be exacerbated if familiarity was not smooth, or if the person was caring for the little one to whom they were not tied. If the child has not been with the parent during the day, he / she will try to provide the number needed at night. Because falling asleep also means weaning, it can temporarily extend the time you fall asleep, making it harder to fall asleep.Megoldбs: When moving to a community, you can expect night-time awakenings during separation, but you can help with patience during this time. Take the time to get used to it. Never let go of your small breasts without saying goodbye, because it will undermine your confidence in you, which can also be reflected in the difficulty of falling asleep.

Exciting days

If you have a little too much body, too much fatigue to get to, it may be harder to deflate, fall asleep, and your sleep may be inferior. Too many stimuli are harder to process.Megoldбs: Soldering is not a solution to your sleep problems. Spend time relaxing, relaxing in the evenings, such as browsing, singing, chattering, or allowing you to play alone.

Stress in the family

It captures the problems and problems of the family and tune in to the parent's state of mind. Just as an adult may have trouble sleeping with problems, so can such symptoms.Megoldбs: In times of stress, you may find that the baby is harder to fall asleep and needs more reassurance again. Okay, if you can take the time and effort to do this, and you can talk to your child about the problem as well. What you say always causes less anxiety than what you try to hide. The little ones do much more than you think!

Diseases, infections

If you fall ill with symptoms with symptoms that are clear, then it is only natural that you will not sleep well at night. But there can also be a not-so-obvious, non-feverish infections of the heart, inflammation of the heart, which can cause sickness, night sickness, and public health.Megoldбs: If bedtime anxiety may be accompanied by loss of weight, or if you have other patients who have been infected with it, you should tell your doctor if he can't talk and he won't give birth if he's a bitch.

New forms of movement

Newer and newer states of motion appear related to the nervous system. Some babies may feel unwell, anxious, or restless in their sleep - sometimes the cause is revealed only after the baby begins to sleep or breathe. This can make you very impressed with your performance, and in many cases you won't stop practicing. This makes it harder to sleep, as he would still think and be upset even though his eyes were stuck.Megoldбs: Most of the time and patience ... As the new skill solidifies, so do most of us, and the child does not need constant practice. However, it may also be that the anesthetics are temporarily longer and more difficult.They may also be interested in:
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