Itching my stomach, what do I do?

Itching my stomach, what do I do?

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It is normal for your skin to start itching where it is over-stretched and tense. Here are some tips to help you relieve uncomfortable faces.

The itching of the tummy can be very mild

You may experience increased itching previous scars (for example, prior cupping) around the area, probably because of the inelasticity of the area. circulatory deterioration, because your stockings or panties squeeze your stomach. Over the spring months, eczema may be prone to skin rashes that can also cause itching. All this is a pregnant epepangs can be a sign.

Mitigation tips for whiskers

  • Don't wash your stomach with soap and shower. You can use a pharmacy wash basin or plain water instead.

  • Gently massage your skin with a smooth, medicinal, so-called "urea" hydrating cream, then continue with a little cumin oil.