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Overcoming tricks for allergies

Overcoming tricks for allergies

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Well, now it's raging! It's not enough if you always have a jeep and a dummy. Here's a little help from Homeomamit.

It can also work well with eye drops
homeopathic remedies.

Get rid of the evil little allergies!

- If there is a lot of pollen, wash your nose regularly with Salvus Water. It has a very strong astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, so it reduces swelling and removes pollen from the nasal cavity. It can also be used as a baby, with a syringe sprayed into the nose. Also, rinse your eyes with some clean water. If your nose is bad, go for a pain-free Proetz facial regimen.
- If you are outdoors a lot, rinse your hair and change clothes when entering the apartment. The hair is very good pollen.
- Apply a cream to the inside of your nose. If itchy throat, gargle with salty water.
- For adults, a very good natural nose cleanser is a little horseradish or hot pepper next to the sandwich.
- Cheating tea reduces the body's production of histamine. Cheating capsules are similarly effective. Add it with a little bioflavonoid and vitamin C.
- Do not use a fan in the room and if there is a lot of pollen, close the window.
- Less animal protein because it increases the immune system's sensitivity.
- Do not stress! Stress strengthens allergies.
- Come and cave! An urn in the cave and breathe in your lungs with air free of anthers and pollen free of dissolved solids.

Overnight kit for children with allergies:

- If your child has a very severe allergy, you will receive a 200CH Histaminum homeopathy ball, or if you are milder, start your morning at thirty. If, for example, your condition worsens after bathing or cycling, I repeat the thirty. It's always up to me.
- If your eyes are itchy, I dissolve the Euphrasia (ophthalmic) homeopathic ball in distilled water and drip it into your eye. Meanwhile, I use it internally, at fifteen potentials.
- When his eyes swell in the morning, but I'm still itching, I give Apis a thirty potency. Even if you can't sleep in your nasal congestion in the evening. In this case, I apply a cold squeeze to the nose and wash it off with salvus water.
- Ambrosia (parlagfы) is a homeopathic medicine ball for children who are allergic to ragweed and who have intense eye symptoms. During the season, you will get thirty every morning.
- I always have Coryzalia in my post, especially for lumbar and nasal congestion, or for a series of good ones, this time with a quarter of Histaminum. Yeah, quick help.
You can find common symptoms of allergies in the downloadable allergy pocketbook or read here:
My own allergy, which I have received from an initial therapist, has been minimized. It only comes out when I'm too tired or stressed. At that point, I get the medication that suits my state of mind and I go to law enforcement. And I don't drink wine because it worsens my nose.

Allergy? There is a kite!

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