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Let's say there is gender discrimination in schools

Let's say there is gender discrimination in schools

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There is no gender equality and they do not want to talk about it in Hungarian schools. Bullying is dealt with only after it is stopped. Gender equality was studied in high schools.

The Alphabet Public Report produced a study of the "NO - Gender Equality Show" project, which researched gender equality in secondary schools. Researchers have also developed an indicator that can help school leaders and teachers effectively combat gender bias.There is gender discrimination in schools "We have created a system that helps to assess and compare gender equality in and between schools. It is he told the Abcъg Great Balz, a fellow at the Anthropolis Association. In addition to the Anthropolis Association, CEU and an English and Italian NGO participated in the project, from a European unique source. The main findings of the research are:
  • Still, in many Hungarian secondary schools, the notion that boys are better at subjects
  • gender stereotypes are implicit in schools
  • many schools did not agree to participate in research, many are afraid of gender
  • a small number of heroes, sciences, historical figures appearing in schools
  • schools only deal with bullying and punishment if they are experienced
  • the use of dual sex marriages: if you bully a girl, the more serious one was treated than when two other girls were harassed
  • students are much more sensitive to gender equality in their career orientation (ie a girl can be a physicist as well as a boy)
  • there is a teacher who critically looks at textbooks and talks about it with his students
Rhodes Dorottya, Gender, Researcher, in another research, he has curated curricula currently in the law, where he thinks "women like this, men are like". Gold, Silver, Bronze and Ink are available. All three schools have received a bronze degree, but it is not certain that there is an institution in the country that could achieve the silver grade. This level means that gender equality is guaranteed by traditional school-based initiatives, for example, by programs that specifically address women's rights. A gold grade is achieved when the gender perspective is taken into account at an institutional level in the daily practice of a given school. " there are areas where we still have room for improvement, "said one of the deputy directors involved in the research.
"The goal is to raise the attention of secondary schools to the problem that gender is not a solved issue, even if they do, and work in accordance with the law," said Big Rep.
  • Yet another example of gender inequality
  • From the age of 6, girls tend to feel less like themselves
  • Underestimate girls' pain than boys