A simple "hack" when traveling with a small child

A simple "hack" when traveling with a small child

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You're going to travel with the kid soon, and you have no idea what you're gonna take down the little cramp? Then this super idea is for you!

You only need one balloon and you can start working in March

There are situations - and big summer trips are just like this - when you have to keep your child alert for longer or shorter periods of time, so that you do not get bored (or worse, hesitate), for example, at an airport. In these cases, a mom's brilliant idea may come in, which you don't need other, just a few balloons. You just lose a balloon at the airport if you miss the machine or have to wait for the connection, you get tired, and the family volleyball battle can start! You can also use it in a long car, when you stop moving your limbs a little (and there is a suitable place, like a petrol station). You can play countless games with the in the same way, a 2 year old and a 15 year old kid. Isn't that brilliant?Idea:
- We can throw it, aim: don't fall to the ground.
- You can draw with a marker pen.
- Hold the mouth of the inflated balloons and let go. Let's compete on who's flying farther.
- Take a balloon between our boards and compete at the level to get further out.Things to watch out for:
Never leave children under the age of play to play alone with the balloon. If it is burst or deflated, discard each piece immediately, as the little one may suffocate!They may also be interested in:
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