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What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Brain?

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Brain?

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Recently, a young man from Budapest lost his life due to meningitis. The tragedy once again drew attention to vaccinations against cerebral inflammation. When should I submit it? What exactly is meningococcal B, C?

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Brain?

Dear Doctor,
What is your opinion on Vaccine Vaccination? So much to read everything.
EmmaDear Emma,
According to statistics, meningococcal disease occurs in about 30-50 cases a year in Hungary. In three quarters of cases, meningococcal B is a vaccine, and in 17% menigococcus C. is a vaccine for the prevention of disease.
75% of the disease occurs in infancy, most often by 6 months. However, it may occur at a later age. Immunization against meningococci can be started at 2-3 months.
The two different vaccines may be administered at the same time, or at the same time as any mandatory vaccination. Usually recommended every 5 years, but at least when switching to a new congregation (from school to secondary school).
Dr. Boglárka of Poland pediatrician


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